mini-marathon tempo

now that i’m nearing the halfway point of training, it’s time to start perfecting marathon pace…gotta make 8:45s seem like a cakewalk by November 2. But not too much of a cakewalk that I’m going out too fast in the beginning…and not too hard so I can hit it at the end while tired. So…in order to work on that, I did a tempo run as follows…

0.5mi in 4:22 (marathon pace)
0.5mi in 4:22 (marathon pace)
1.0mi in 8:00-8:15 (half-marathon pace)
0.5mi in 3:55 (10-mile pace)
0.5mi in 3:55 (10-mile pace)
1.0mi with 1st half in 3:45 (10k pace), 2nd half in 3:55 (10-mile pace)
1.0mi in 8:45 (marathon pace)

all with short recoveries in between…and I set Mr. Garmin to take automatic half-mile splits so I didn’t have to worry about hitting the split button for the half-miles, and to help with pacing the full miles. So kind of like a mini-marathon of sorts 🙂 Pace at the beginning, tire myself out in the middle miles, still try and hit marathon pace at the end. And here’s how it turned out (fast parts outlined in blue…)

again…pretty right on, huh? 🙂 A little fast near the end though…need to work on that. Guess my legs still thought they were running 10K pace when they were supposed to run 10-mile pace!! And that at the end, anything slower than 7:30ish pace would seem easy and like a relief. Or maybe it was the awesome weather too…in the low 60s at 6 AM…beautiful!! (I did really try and hold back as much as possible in the 1st two pickups because of that…even if it meant running them slower than 4:22-didn’t want the effects of the cool weather to make me go out too fast!) Bring on fall weather, I say!!

And just one more “hard” day to go before the halfway point in training (have 2 short/easy days in there too)…this weekend’s long run. I’m thinking something bridgey…

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