olympians…they’re just like us!!

OK-all you readers of US Weekly, you know how they have their section of “Celebrities…They’re Just Like Us!” (aka photos of celebrities doing things everyday people do) I guess after watching the track and field events, I thought some of those runners did some of the same things that we’d do in a race…

  • In the women’s 100m hurdles…Lolo Jones on her way to certain victory until knocking over the ninth hurdle. And her explanation afterwards was something I’ve heard plenty of times before, in some shape or form… “I usually hit a hurdle twice a year. It just sucks that it was on the most important race of my life.”
  • Sanya Richards going out at a blistering pace in the 400m, with her eye on gold…until she had nothing left in the tank at the end-still got a medal (bronze), just not the one she wanted. (How many times are we told in a race…don’t go out too fast?)
  • Boy, I felt for Jen Rhines in the 5000m final. (Speaking of, what BS that NBC didn’t even air it…) I saw her time, and it looked like something was wrong, more than just “having a bad day”-turned out she had an injured foot and still ran on it. Why, I did the same thing once-back in 2005, the now-defunct Mets Run to Home Plate…I was an idiot to run it, but I did-at least it was a wake-up call to me at the time to bite the bullet and take time off. OK, the stakes were obviously higher for Jen Rhines 🙂 But I totally understand the pain she felt during that race…
  • Both of the US 4 x 100 relay teams…guys, don’t you practice handoffs? 🙂
  • Then in the case of the men’s marathon…sometimes, you just have to forget what the leaders are doing and run your own race…which is what the US trio did. (And what I did during the 2006 NYCM-though it wasn’t the race leaders that I had to let go!) They all ran great, smart races-it’s just unfortunate that it wasn’t medal contention that day. But 2 Americans in the top 10 is fabulous… (yay, Ritz and Ryan!)

I’m sure there is more…but those were just some of the things that stood out most in that category 🙂 Yep-they are all amazing athletes, but in some ways, just like you and me 🙂

(and then there are those like Usain Bolt…and Michael Phelps…who I’m not even sure are human…hehe)

Even though I’m going through post-Olympics withdrawal already, I’m glad to resume a more normal sleep schedule…for now…

And I got my confirmation for the Philly Distance Run (complete with race # and corral #…I got a cool race number!) in the mail today…I’m getting as excited about that race as I am about the big one 🙂


One thought on “olympians…they’re just like us!!

  1. It’s a crazy thought that our Olympians can be fallible too, just like you and me. We sometimes forget they are human too, just like you and me. I really liked how Ryan and Ritz fought to run their own race, which has always been one of my running mantras.Gosh, this post-Olympic withdrawal is tough. Almost feel like I’m going through detox…or how i’d imagine I’d feel if i were to go through detox =P

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