doin’ the wave


So the latest/greatest change to the NYC Marathon-this year there will be three wave starts!!

I know there were complaints about the one in the green start last year-but after hearing positive reviews of wave starts from marathons like Boston, I think this may not be so bad. Of course, they’ll have to do away with the “F” start, but it’s worth it for a cleaner overall start and less congestion on the streets.

This is-of course-providing that they really do police the corrals (as they do with the NYRR races), since as we all know, this has never happened in the past…

Other NYC Marathon-ers…what are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “doin’ the wave

  1. Would this make it possible to increase the number of runners beyond 40.000?I hope they can add even more waves in the future allowing for more runners to participate.

  2. I think before they even think of adding more runners, they need to make sure the current issues with the current amount of runners is fixed.As for adding more-I don’t know. Don’t forget, the more waves are added, the longer the streets will need to be closed to the public…the city may not go for that. And the more runners, the more volunteers needed, more supplies needed…you get what I’m trying to say. I think-waves or no waves-there’s only so big an event can get.

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