running the streets

My long run yesterday included one of the best ideas that this city has had in awhile-the “Summer Streets” initiative…where Park Ave, 4th Ave and Lafayette Ave were closed to cars between 72nd Street and City Hall. So it made sense to incorporate this into a long run…hey might as well take advantage of this unique opportunity, right? πŸ™‚ So Flyer GW included Flyers that were willing participants to join him and Team For Kids for a long run that would start downtown and go up to the park, and continue with several bridle path loops to get in the mileage. Cool!!

Well the only downside was that we were getting an early start to coincide with NYRR’s little fun run-meaning a 7:30 am start downtown, and getting there a little earlier. Meaning leaving my apartment a little after 6 am as the trains are always retarded in the early morning on a weekend. (And it was annoying that the A train I was on kept stopping due to “train traffic ahead”…what traffic???) But I did get there in time.

the runners take over the ramp by Grand Central Despite the fact that it really wasn’t that crowded, all the Flyers that were there were kinda scattered. So I was pretty much solo (well, as solo as one can get with other runners around) for the streets portion, which was fine as I kinda wanted to “take things in” and not get distracted. Running the streets was everything I expected and more πŸ™‚ There were even water stops for us too…nice!! There was still east-west traffic at a few major cross-streets so we had to stop every so often but that honestly wasn’t a problem. Was cool to run through Soho, by Astor Place, through Union Square…and then my personal favorite part, Park Avenue. Unless you qualify for the Corporate Challenge championship, you don’t get a chance to run on a car-free Park Avenue, so this was great. After emerging from the darkness of the underpass by Grand Central onto the open road-kinda felt like 1st Avenue in the marathon!! 72nd Street came way too soon, and to the park we all went.

Around the bottom of the park, TFK had a “water stop” which was where some regrouping took place before hitting the bridle path…I met up with 3 other Flyers and we stuck together for the remaining miles…which was fine-I definitely preferred having the company in the park πŸ™‚ So we stuck together and completed around 9 more bridle path miles, and I ran back uptown from the bottom of the park…making it somewhere between 17-18 miles for the day (Mr. Garmin was going quite flukey on the streets, so not quite sure what the exact mileage was.)

As for the long run, the legs felt fine-the surface of the bridle path and the absence of killer hills on the streets helped with that. I kept it easy (pace between 9-9:30, depending on how hilly it was) the heart rate was in the easy zone the entire time. I felt a little weak and under-fueled though, which surprised me, as I did think I ate enough the day before and the morning of, and I took 2 gels during the run. I didn’t have any Gatorade or any other sports drink though, and I probably should have. Also, not that I like talking about female issues, but it was that time of the month and it wouldn’t have been the first time I felt weaker or more sluggish because of that-any opinions on that, lady runners…is that common or unusual or something else? πŸ™‚

Recovered with my usual venti skim iced vanilla latte, in addition to a coupla naps with the Olympics on the TV in the background…needed to get re-energized in order to enjoy some strawberry margaritas and Electric Lemonades that evening πŸ™‚ And after sleeping til noon today, got in a coupla easy reservoir loops before the rains came to close out this running week.

And even though it hasn’t been a struggle at all to get in the miles, I still say yay for this week being a cutback week. I’m more excited for Club Champs on Saturday…I think I’m itching a little bit to race and it’ll be interesting to see what I can do…

3 thoughts on “running the streets

  1. sweet run! I love your recovery bevvies (lattes & booze) πŸ˜‰ Chicago is great though–LOVED running along the lake yesterday. And it is 60 degrees here!! (and sunny–with NO humidity!)

  2. Question for you: I’m definitely in the city for the next week, possibly two (and maybe even more), but I’m going out of town on the 23rd, which is the day of the new Flyers’ run. Do I have to go to that one, or is it possible to go to a regular run to try it out?

  3. runner26-looks like that weather followed you here…lets hope its the same this saturday!laura-you’re definitely more than welcome to try out one of the other group runs, even if it isnt the “new flyers run”-maybe email one of the run organizers of the run you plan to join so they know to look out for you.

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