so Wednesday, as I would be going straight to the East 6th street track from work, I had Mr. Garmin in my bag, ready to go when I was. However, the battery was low…huh!! How did Mr. Garmin get turned on while in my bag? Well thank god I still had the old-school stopwatch with me…the Garmin really wasn’t as necessary for pacing in a track workout, just means I’ll need to find out the distance run from my office to the track the old-school way (GMaps pedometer)

So, the workout. 1200m at tempo, 400m recovery, 800m a little faster, 400m recovery, then 4 x 400 with 200 recovery, even faster. I was told to pace the “7:30ish” group (guess I have a rep as being a good pacer or something?) and surprisingly, everyone for the most part obeyed the pacer 🙂 (well until the 400s where we declared it a free-for all.) And this was the damage…

Interval length Time Pace
1200m 5:42.29 7:39.05
800m 3:46.77 7:36.19
400m 1:47.02 7:10.58
400m 1:49.75 7:21.56
400m 1:48.55 7:16.73
400m 1:44.75 7:01.45

For whatever reason, I wasn’t as excited about the results of this workout as I had been about a couple other recent ones-I didn’t have the same “I so nailed this!” feeling. I think this is really starting to show the effects of those long runs being in my legs. I did actually feel comfortable cruising along at tempo pace for the 1200 and 800, but there was no way I could have gone any faster in the 400s. But on the other hand, I was able to negative split a good majority of these intervals (definitely the 1st 2…and maybe also the last coupla 400s?) so at least the pacing is there. And if the 7:35-7:40 pace felt comfortable…maybe try shooting for that next Saturday?

But, I guess I do also have to remember that I’m training for a marathon, not a 5K…that if I want to run a 3:50 marathon, it will have to come at the expense at other things…and that at this point, speedwork should only be something to sorta “keep things interesting”…and be an excuse to socialize, eat and drink afterwards 🙂

Thursday became an unplanned rest day-was too tired to get up early, and then I had the Flyers‘ summer social party in the evening. Was a lot of fun…held at a favorite venue-the penthouse party room in a teammate’s apartment building which had an outdoor portion with great views of the city. And of course, wine was in abundance 🙂 Was fun to sip wine and chill outside-though I probably shoulda checked the wind forecast before choosing my party attire (think this effect going on.) I do never seem to learn my lesson about wine hangovers though, thank god I was smart enough to take today off (I do have summer days I need to use up this month, today was as good a day as any to take it!) Will partake in a short, easy run once recovered…

And YAY for the Olympics starting today!! Let the games begin!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “garmin-less

  1. Yeah, last night was fun. So next saturday’s run is kinda important, huh?! No less than five Flyers came up to me and told me to rest up this week but be prepared to burn some rubber next week. Oh, brother!

  2. oh yeah…double points plus the scoring team for the men is 10-deep (unlike the other points races, where the top 5 men are the only scorers.) no pressure 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great party and re the “effect” what exactly is your point…lol. Not like we’ve never seen you run in your underwear.Have an awesome weekend, L…shoutout from Beijing.

  4. yeah, but the dress code of the party was “no running attire” 🙂

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