status quo

how can it be that things are seriously status quo, drama free? (well with the exception of finding out single women are the enemy. don’t ask.)

since i last left you…
easy peasy bridle path recovery run on Sunday
First Monday run with the Flyers, and once again getting dropped by “the cool kids.” I guess the only place I can keep up is the bar!
yoga tonite, track workout tomorrow.
long run planned for saturday, including the streets of NYC.
and a coupla other easy runs thrown into the equation for the week.

Yeah seriously, everything is seemingly moving along like clockwork. Next week I get a little break from the mileage, as I will be tapering for Club Champs…plan to race this one all out. Even though the mileage really hasn’t broken me down or tired me out yet, I’m sorta welcoming this little cutback. What should I do with all the extra time next week? 🙂


3 thoughts on “status quo

  1. Oh cool. Thanks for the heads up about the Summer Streets thing. I wonder if I’ll be able to backtrack the route afterward and head back to Bklyn…shouldn’t be too crowded at that hour, hopefully!

  2. You are doing everything right re: training–that’s why. Me, on the other hand…still waiting to run (don’t ask)At least we have the bar to keep up (or perhaps even take the lead??) I will do my best to get to ft. wadsworth–somebody’s gotta bring the blankets 😉

  3. runderwoman-yeah, looks like it shouldn’t be too hard to backtrack…I think it will be fun to run through the streets (and not have to pay the ridiculous cost that you’d have to pay for the NYC Half 🙂 )runner26-yeah, you’re right…sometimes (like Monday), I have a hard time remembering that.

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