Tempo workout time again!! 1 x 1600m, then 6 x 800m, all with short recoveries, all on a stretch of road in Central Park. A workout that honestly sounds worse than it really is…one that rewards you if you pace it right, punishes you if you don’t. Target pace? Whatever the McMillan calculator says is my “Tempo Intervals” pace. Based on my recent 5K, it told me to shoot for between 7:35-7:51 pace. Did I?

Interval length Time Pace
1600m 7:32.22 7:34.86
800m 3:49.30 7:41.28
800m 3:47.12 7:36.89
800m 3:53.68 7:50.09
800m 3:49.48 7:41.64
800m 3:48.73 7:40.13
800m 3:41.35 7:25.28

Not trying to gloat or anything, but damn I was on last nite!! And I was glad to have enough in the tank to give the last repeat a good final kick. It was a humid night, and I thought it was gonna affect me, but it actually wasn’t too bad!! Maybe I actually am acclimating!! And even though, mileage-wise it was a long workout, it totally seemed to fly by…guess that was another sign of a good workout. (As compared to those workouts that are “do as many repeats as you can in XX number of minutes…those honestly seem to drag on.)

And the legs feel fine today…good sign for the only other big task I need to accomplish this week-16 miles at 9:30 pace. I know I can do it…well as long as other pace leaders behave themselves and remember it is not a race 🙂


2 thoughts on “bulls-eye!!

  1. Wow ! What a great workout. Nicely done.

  2. Nice work. See you there Saturday. I’ll be a couple of pace groups behind. Who knows. Last year I shifted pace groups each time we got back to 102nd.

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