how fortunate

from a fortune cookie the other day:

“Your present plans are going to succeed.”

marathon training, perhaps? (not like I have any other plans in the works!) Four weeks down, and it’s been drama-free so far. Feeling too easy so far (well at least compared to this time 2 years ago!) and that worries me-because that’s when I get cocky šŸ™‚ Hopefully, I will be kept in check somehow šŸ™‚

Like today…the yoga class I was gonna take was kinda sorta canceled (regular instructor not there, sub was a no-show)…maybe that was God’s way of telling me to take a rest day. šŸ™‚

And in other random news, I finally joined the ranks of the DVR owners!! Yeah…my VCR has been broken for over a year and being that VHS is obsolete (or almost obsolete!) anyways…need a new way to tape shows and movies…and of course, the Olympics!! And the NYCM broadcast too…


7 thoughts on “how fortunate

  1. Congratulations on an incredible first month of training. Confucius say you well on way to amazing time at New York City Marathon.Have you heard the rumor that’s going to be a daycare in front of our building?

  2. I hadn’t heard that rumor…but oh man, I really hope its not true…I think we all do enough dodging kids in that building on a daily basis, no? šŸ™‚

  3. DVR is amazing… you’re going to be a TV addict now :)Check out – they have a free 20 minute class that I really like. I’m thinking about signing up for a full membership to download more, but am waiting until I’ve gotten into a serious yoga habit and know I’ll get my money’s worth šŸ™‚

  4. thanks for the recommendation…only prob with those at-home things is that the area where my TV is is not big enough to do yoga (damn those small studio apartments!) i usually go to the classes at NYSC…i pretty much know which instructors at which locations are good.

  5. That's funny, I'm in NYSC, too. Do we have the same parents or something? lol Bet we have stood in line together at Hale & Hearty.

  6. yes, i’m sure you, me and all other 50,000+ NYSC members have the same parents.:-)

  7. Congrats on joining the DVR universe – it is awesome! It’ll change your life.

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