cheering and multitasking

Being the good teammate/friend/coworker that I am, I dragged myself out of bed at the crack of dawn this morning (well maybe not that early, but you get the idea) to head over to the park and cheer on the runners in the NYC Half-Marathon. My original plan was to just go down to 7th Ave around Central Park South…remembering Uptown Girl’s story from last year about not being allowed in the park. But I decided to give trying to find a cheering spot in the west 80s a shot, as the leaders were due to come by any second. No worries-I got a spot right away and no one bugged me. Perfect timing-the race passed by a coupla minutes later and I cheered for a little bit before I headed for cheering spot #2…

…I needed to get in 4 miles today, and I had my running shoes on…so, of course I ran the 1 1/2 miles to 59th and 7th, and actually got a pretty decent spot there as well. I had unfortunately missed the leaders, though I did get to see them in the park, but I was really there to support the rest of the runners. Saw Crazy Bandana, Uptown Girl, Moz, Chelle, other Flyers and friends, a co-worker who was running…gave them all a good cheer. Some runners looked completely energized as they left the park and hit the streets. Others looked like they were struggling-possibly having gone out too fast in the park (and it was quite humid out!!) But again, it was actually kinda fun to be on the other side again. And the most amusing parts about playing cheerleader this morning:

  • I had to tell the women next to me to stop yelling “You’re almost there!” 7 1/2 miles is NOT almost there. That is the worst thing you can say to a runner at that point :-p
  • Funniest comment from one of the runners-“I’m hot, but you’re hotter!” (I think that guy meant it for the women next to me though…)
  • Oh, and I think NYRR activated the 10K mats a little too early…as the coupla runners I was tracking had ridiculously fast 10K splits emailed to me, even before the 5K splits…til I figured out that the 10K mats were just past the start and that’s the split that was getting captured πŸ™‚

After most of the runners passed, I ran back uptown, then tacked on another mile…a little over 4 miles done and done!! (Which was a good thing, since between desperately needing to catch up on sleep and the thunderstorms which found their way into NYC this afternoon, who knows when I could have gotten it in…) Was sooo glad I decided to pass on the half again-just doing 4 miles in this humidity was killer. Besides, I prefer my half-marathon attempts to be less expensive and less humid πŸ™‚ But congrats to all those who ran!! πŸ™‚

So yeah, the fact that I didn’t do the half today meant I had to get in a long run yesterday, right? Well that I did, a creative route that included some Queenboro Bridge action. Wasn’t sure how it was gonna go, due to starting around noon and not being appropriately carbo-loaded (thanks to a Flyers happy hour the night before) but actually went fine!!

The route…

And the splits…

Pretty satisfied-the legs felt fine, pacing was decent, did feel a little under-fueled in the last coupla miles (probably shoulda taken more than 1 gel-learning for next time), the Queensboro Bridge climbs are less intimidating to me each time I run the bridge…so mission accomplished I guess!!

And next week’s long run will have plenty of company!! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “cheering and multitasking

  1. I’m guessing that the Queensboro Bridge is one I will have to conquer during the marathon?I am so scared of this damn marathon!!

  2. Good for you! I know the spectators mean well, but it drove me nuts at races when they would cheer “You’re almost there!” when you are totally NOT.

  3. Great job cheering. I was ever so happy to leave the park. I saw quite a few flyers at the race.

  4. great post…you rock. i need to learn how you did your map. i’ve tried mapmyrun and never can figure out how to use it. at one point yesterday i was at sutton place looking at queensboro bridge and imagining running it again this november…you might have been on it. have a good week and say hi at C.M. sometime for a fatwitch.

  5. I’m impressed that you did a 4 mile run after watching! I volunteered, and then was too lazy to do any running. I DID hit up the elliptical last night though, so it wasn’t a total bust.Will post a spectator’s report tonight, but I saw TONS of Flyers (including Jamie) and also gave my water bottle to one who had to drop out 😦

  6. tiny frog-yep…thats the bridge at mile 15. don’t be scared!! if there is any way you can get in hillwork-do so!audgepodge-yeah i know-i’ll yell back at them “shut up, im NOT almost there” :)shoreturtle-wish i had seen you from my cheering post!! i cant blame you at all for being happy to leave the park-i had the same sentiment 2 years ago :)mark-i use SportTracks (thanks to Laminator for the recommendation!)-it’s so easy to import my Garmin data in, and then export to Google Earth (and the mile marker option is a nice touch!) I’m honestly not too crazy about mapmyrun. and no brownies for me for the time being :-\laura-hehe…i actually only did 1 mile after watching…hence the multitasking πŸ™‚ (run 1.5 miles to CPS, 1.5 back uptown-then just tack on 1 more mile) it’s marathon training season, i gotta stay on course…looking forward to reading your spectators report!!

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