understatement of the century

And in other breaking news, the sky is indeed blue.

All joking aside-good luck to all who are running the NYC Half tomorrow!! I hope to make it out to do some cheering…

On the topic of half-marathons…anyone else see this article in the NY Times yesterday? Great to see half-marathons getting their due respect…can 5Ks, 10Ks and 10-milers be far behind?


4 thoughts on “understatement of the century

  1. Thats pretty funny!!

  2. I’m serving as a course marshall somewhere in the southern part of the park. Here’s my question: if everyone will be out of the park by 9, why does my shift go until noon? Hoping it means I can leave early and go back to bed, since I have to be at NYRR at 4:30.

  3. hey laura-they say the same thing for other start-related volunteer tasks (e.g., marshalling the start corrals.) methinks that they just put the same time for all? who knows! i would think you wouldn’t have to stick around until noon though…have fun marshalling!! 🙂

  4. hahahahahaha! thanks for the laugh! I thought the same thing when i saw that sign…but perhaps they take liberties when it comes to defining relative terms such as “crowded”…

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