it’s voting time!

time for a poll…

What should my profile picture be?
( surveys)

Disclaimer: I will NOT be using any Underwear Run pics and/or Lasker Pool/bikini pics, so don’t even suggest that…you know who you are 😉


8 thoughts on “it’s voting time!

  1. what’s wrong with this shady poll?!?!?!?! I can’t even vote more than once!

  2. yep…that’s the point…to prevent peeps like you from stuffing the ballot box 😉

  3. Damn, I was gonna vote twice too…depending on how I feel about San Francisco at the moment! Me and the course have a love/hate relationship going on right now =)

  4. no race/course biases please!!!:)

  5. I think a change would be fun. I just want to know how is it that all your race pictures come out amazing?? Mine always look HORRIBLE!

  6. Cuz I don’t post the bad ones 🙂 (seriously-I’ve gotten my share of bad pictures!!) I’ve noticed my pics usually come out better if I notice the photographer (as is in the case of the Flyers’ photographers)…or if I’m not racing and am just taking it easy (as was the case of the Park to Park 10K.)

  7. Oh, darn. I was going to say, “Why not the underwear run photo,” but then I saw your disclaimer/warning. So how about the underwear pic? ;-D

  8. BCG, BCG, BCG. I woulda expected that from more of my male readers :-pAnyway-there has been an overwhelming favorite…the readers have spoken!! Thanks to all for playing 🙂

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