mini l’alpe d’huez

(with thanks to JS for the post title idea!)

so in honor of a killer hilly stage of the tour de france, doesn’t it just seem appropriate that there is a killer hilly speed workout that same day?

elevation chart of stage 17 of the tour de franceoh yeah. it was relatively short, but boy was it intense. repeats of that hill that leads up to the Great Hill track. I’ve actually run on that hill before in training runs-as part of the Arches and Bridges Run-and that is the only hill I have ever had to actually slow down to a walk on during a training run. Never on Harlem Hill, never on the Palisades, but yep, this 8% grade hill is certainly a killer. Just look at the picture below-just the fact that there are steps on this hill just illustrates the steepness (for the record-I didn’t cheat and use the steps)

one of 2 places on this hill that is so steep it needs steps!

And just for fun-let’s see if you can guess which were the uphill laps and which were the downhill ones. (Laps 1 and 2 were warmup, Lap 3 was a 5K-paced pickup, Lap 12 was cooldown.)

Only 4 round trips of the hill, but holy shit it kicked my ass. The lap splits/paces are really deceiving, I think the max heart rates hit really tells the story of the intensity. And I had to be really careful on the downhills-didn’t want to mess up my quads by going too fast down a steep hill. And thank god the predicted thunderstorms held off, but boy the humidity was killer…I probably looked like I jumped in a pool by the time this workout was over 🙂

Needless to say, I slept like a baby last nite. And more power to those bikers who have to deal with this steep of a hill for more than .16 miles at a time!!


3 thoughts on “mini l’alpe d’huez

  1. I am totally doing that hill!!!

  2. Great find and workout. Me thinks maybe I could’ve used this in my training for San Fran and those killer hills. You know there are ones that go up 150 feet in half a mile and others that go 250 feet in 2 and a half miles. Oh brother! Can you tell I’m freaking out right now? Anyway, congrats on a great run.

  3. runner26-good luck, and god bless :)laminator-you’ll do fine!! just remember what i’ve said about the 2nd half…and think negative splits!! 🙂

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