for the love of the team

Well, I did get in all the mileage that I wanted to this weekend (and then some!)…but also had my share of playing cheerleader in addition to other things…

So my plan for Saturday was to get in 14 miles-originally I was gonna try and get in 6 bridle path miles before the Run For Central Park, then run in the opposite direction of the race to cheer teammates on, then do 4 more. Unfortunately, I did oversleep a bit and only managed 2.5 bridle path miles beforehand. But that actually sorta worked out better, as it gave me time to get over to the east side…so I could see the runners at mile 1, and then again in the last mile. Everyone was sorta bunched together tightly in mile 1, so I wasn’t sure if everyone saw me. But mile 4-others did see me and seemed to appreciate me being there (saw Laminator, Chelle, Peter, and other Flyers and friends.) I got to west 86th and decided to wait a few more minutes and cheer more people on before continuing. I saw Runner26 walking and called out to her to see if she was OK…she started running again. πŸ™‚ Flyer NS ran by and asked me to run the last mile with her, so I did…was more than happy to do so…she too, was frontloading beforehand and needed the extra support for the last mile…and for me, running to 72nd and back, meant less mileage I had to do solo afterwards. I left when NS crossed the finish and I ran back up to 86th and hopped back on the bridle path to finish the last 5.5 miles of my run…it was tough, I fought for it, I was so tempted to cut it short, but thanks to some good music on the iPod and just overall stubbornness, I didn’t. πŸ™‚ And since Mr. Garmin was switched off for a half-mile, I actually wound up running 14.5…oh well!! πŸ™‚ But I’m honestly glad I decided to not do the race-I think it was more beneficial to my team that they see a friendly face at the end, then to have me run and score 15th for the team or something (I would have had to run a 40 second PR at least to score…wasn’t gonna happen for me in that heat!)

Then Sunday, I got up bright and early to head to my usual cheering spot at 72nd/CPW on the run course for the NYC Triathlon. This year, I actually got there early enough to see the first few elite athletes!! Amazing to watch them. Bit by bit, the age group athletes started to pass by…I saw and snapped pics of the Flyers and other friends (unfortunately didn’t see Josh!) By the time that the last few waves of 45-49 year olds were passing and the street was getting less crowded, I was getting a little concerned, as there were 2 people I hadn’t yet seen. One of them had a swim split that I thought was too long and some other funky times reported on the tracker and I was afraid that meant a DNF-I was glad to see him finally run by (turned out when his wave started, they were fighting the current-and the swim is his least favorite of the 3 disciplines on a good day…) The other one was the son of a work bigwig who was doing his first tri, and I was getting concerned not seeing a bike split after so long-especially since it was getting HOT!! Finally, I did see a bike split and transition time, so I waited at 72nd/Columbus to make sure he was OK…since at that time the streets were beginning to re-open to traffic (the runners had to actually stop if Columbus Ave had the green light!) I finally saw him, walking…I walked with him over to the park-he had cramped up on the bike and was not in good shape-and it didn’t help that 72nd st was not shaded. I left him at the park, where I knew he’d have much more support and told him to finish strong…he did finish πŸ™‚ I gave my co-worker who was at the finish an update and I mentioned that I walked with him a little bit and she said “That was so nice of you!” πŸ™‚ I really didn’t think anything of it…keeping a fellow runner company almost seemed like second nature-us athletes…we’re all in this together.

So, after a nap, and knowing that the evening would consist of margarita consumption, I had no choice but to get in my 3 recovery miles in the heat of the day. And after seeing what I saw today-I had no excuse to not suck it up and just do it!!

Even though it’s fun to be a race participant…this was one of those weekends where it was much more fulfilling for me to be on the other side.

And 3 weeks down in my NYCM training!! All mileage has been accounted for, legs feeling just fine, if the only obstacle so far has been the heat and not injury…I’ll take it!!


4 thoughts on “for the love of the team

  1. I saw you. I was on the outside (right) of the pack running from the start up Cat Hill and I almost reached out my arm and collared you, it was so obvious that was you. I’m glad you left a comment because I meant to tell you that I saw you.Nice to kind of meet you, awesome runner. πŸ™‚

  2. that obvious, huh? πŸ™‚ and if you would have been able to “collar” me, you obviously weren’t running hard enough…that’s where your PR went :-p but yeah, everyone is always bound to run into each other eventually…

  3. Uh-huh I would have just scooped you up and you would have been going backwards all of a sudden.

  4. Well you best not be trying that when I am racing. A certain one of my faithful readers can tell all what happens when someone tries to distract me when racing :-p

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