naked shorts may be banned, but underwear is here to stay

For the record-I didn’t lose a bet or anything when I signed up for the Underwear Run…yep, I did it with my own free will. I had actually told a coupla teammates about it last year but wussed out on signing up…this year I figured what the hell, quite a few other Flyers will be there…we’re all in it together and it’ll be fun…

yep, guess i was feeling brave.  or the heat messed with my judgement.And considering it was about 90 degrees…running in as little clothing as possible seemed to be the sensible thing!! The attire? A Flyers sports bra and a pair of red American Apparel briefs…originally with a pair of uber-short Running Divas shorts over it-kinda folded over so you could tell I was wearing underwear, but there was still some coverage 🙂 But a few of my teammates convinced me to ditch the shorts…go the whole nine yards…I gave in. Crazy Bandanahead was there too…we posed for a pic, both looking like we stepped out of an American Apparel ad (actually, lots of American Apparel in the house!) Other Flyers were there, all with a variety of get-ups…from boxers to briefs to hot pants to regular bras to sports bras to Victoria’s Secret-esque slips…quite the scene!!

So, we are off…and in probably the first 200 yards, I run into Peter, who’s apparently videotaping this whole thing…yikes!! 🙂 We ran together for a little bit and soaked up all the craziness…there were TV crews taping as well and we were both like “oh shit, is this really gonna wind up on TV?” 🙂 After a while he went ahead and I stuck with Dr. Evil and DD…we ran by the Summerstage and could could hear “Rappers Delight” playing and I was in a silly mood and just singing along…“hotel, motel, Holiday Inn!…” Oh, there was also one guy who thought this was a race, I was running easy past him, and he just had to speed up and pass me…annoying!! We got to the transverse and everyone wearing underwear was directed to turn left…NOT go up Cat Hill! 🙂 Nearing the end, I saw some teammates here and there, and they’d cheer for me…and the 2 guys I was running next to were like “cool, you have your own cheering section!” (ahh…to be locally famous in the NYC running scene.) The finish was the actual finish of the NYC Triathlon-was very cool to actually cross that finish line!! 🙂

Past the finish line, it was a total madhouse. Everyone was trying to get their free t-shirt and pair of boxers…then something to drink. Too many bodies in a small space in 90 degree heat after running 1.8 miles…you get the idea. There was free Chipotle food afterwards but as per usual right after running in the heat, I could not eat a thing. I found some of my teammates and we talked and laughed at how crazy we all were.

I’m glad I did this-one of those “only in New York” things 🙂 And just for 1.8 miles, I sorta felt like one of those elite female runners…as in races they usually don’t wear much more than I was!! 🙂 I really thought I’d feel more self-conscious but I didn’t…guess because everyone was in the same boat!!

And as the naked shorts in the post title-my “naked shorts” are still around, and in fact utilized on my long run today…that was just a joke in reference to this-thanks to Runner26 for pointing it out to me!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “naked shorts may be banned, but underwear is here to stay

  1. oh my goodness!! HOW FUN!!!i want to do one of those!!!you go girl!!

  2. lol–naked shorts…Glad to hear the underwear run was a success. And bandana-head? Hilarious! RB told me about the outfits today after the race–but still, seeing the pics was a whole new experience 😉

  3. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about.

  4. Who’s that guy in the pink briefs?oh…wait…that’s me!

  5. I totally want to do that run next year… if I can get in better shape first 🙂

  6. You look GREAT in American Apparel and I am bummed that I just found out about this only-in-NYC thing from someone today!

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