a pointy dilemma

So this coming Saturday brings the next race in the local club points series-the Run for Central Park 4-miler. And even though I am one of the Flyers’ captains, and I will be urging my group of 30-something women to run the race…I have no desire whatsoever to run it!!

I was actually hoping to get in a long run on that day, as on Sunday I will be spectating and cheering on the run course of the NYC Triathlon. Right now, I gotta be choosy as to what short races I do…as I’m racing tomorrow and I think that is more than enough for the week. I could possibly add on miles before and after, but I really don’t want to do that…don’t feel like spending another $20 on that.

Oh the irony-me and my support of short races, and now i’m saying the team points schedule clashes with my marathon training. But on the other hand, I prefer to run short earlier in the year, where the team points schedule includes 15Ks and half-marathons that I’m not in shape for. Yeah…I’m not speedy enough to even score for the team, so why am I fretting. Well, I guess in a way, I feel I need to “lead by example”…if I am asking those girls to run those races, I should do the same if possible!!

And don’t get me wrong. I’m proud of our team’s successes, it’s great to see them honored at Club Night year after year, I hope this year is the year that our men’s open team wins first in their division…I do support them wholeheartedly. But-when it comes down to it-I do have individual goals. And I know there are quite a few others who feel they are in that same boat. And is it really fair for NYRR to decide what my goal races for the year should be, just because I am part of a team? And I don’t think that makes me-or anyone else in that position-any less of a team player.

Curious to hear thoughts from other local NYC club peeps on this!!


4 thoughts on “a pointy dilemma

  1. I hear you, loud and clear flygirl. I’m new to this points race phenomenon, but still feel somewhat of an obligation to represent. On the one hand I feel like I shouldn’t run any short races because it might interfere with marathon prep (3 weeks away, yikes!), but on another as one of the faster Flyers, it could be important for the team that I run. Decisions, decisions.I’m right now registered to run on Saturday, but i might back out if I feel my training is lagging.

  2. Is there a way to email you? I have a question about NYC marathon, and I figure I should ask you since you live there!!txmusicbug@yahoo.com

  3. laminator-exactly…you should be in taper mode, don’t do anything that you feel may get yourself injured…aint worth it 🙂 i actually think what i might do, is run in the other direction and cheer people on…do some miles beforehand and after…thats supporting the team, no?tiny frog-i’ll shoot you an email 🙂

  4. The team points races can be a tough call. Especially since I’m a scorer for my team, I feel some serious guilt when I don’t race and then afterwards know that it would have made a difference in how we placed. I didn’t do the Brooklyn half because it was a week after my marathon, so that was an easy call, but if it’s a matter of needing to do a long run, I just sandwich the race in between a long warm up and a reeaally long cool down.Tomorrow will be my last team points race before I leave New York though, so no more guilt!

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