not bad for just a training run

Ugh. This morning, I was really questioning my sanity at deciding to do the Park to Park 10K, after a nite full of caipirinhas and wine and obviously not a lot of sleep. I woke up feeling slightly hung over, and slept til the last possible minute…meaning not being able to get in my full pre-race routine. I pondered going back to sleep and just going to the pool later…but I knew I was gonna need to get in the miles somehow, so I dragged myself out the door…wearing my regular trainers as opposed to my lightweight ones to ensure that I wouldn’t race this thing.

Warmed up with a mile to the baggage area and dropped off my bag and found my way to the start…didn’t spot many Flyers, though I think quite a few were doing a long run up in Van Cortlandt Park today. Headed to the red corral…but honestly, I am not sure how well these corrals were being policed today, as I saw someone that should have been in the green corral (2 corrals back) lined up right near me. Whatever, I wasn’t racing this thing so it didn’t affect me but still…whats the point of having these corrals if they aren’t being policed?

right before climbing cat hill-thanks to crazy bandana for the pic So, we were off. I was content to stick to the right, and just let whoever pass me. I concentrated on just staying relaxed and keeping an easy, consistent pace…slowing for water when I needed it (but practicing my funneling technique…didn’t slow down to walk) and pulling back if I felt I was breathing too hard (which I don’t think happened once!)…I did reserve the right to pick it up a little in the last mile if I was still feeling good 🙂 And how did this turn out?


54:45, 8:49 pace. Perfect!! Once again, pretty damn good pacing job, huh? I was quite pleased.

Afterwards, I found my teammates and a few of us hit up Lasker Pool…a Flyer tradition continues. There won’t be any pics of us on the NYRR site this year, but it was still fun!! And the cold pool felt so damn good.

I sorta hesitate to categorize this as a race report, since this wasn’t a true race effort, but I guess you can say this is one of what will be quite a few dress rehearsals for the big one. Also-I was wearing my HRM but didn’t look at the readings until afterwards…wanted to see how capable I was at judging effort without constantly looking at the numbers. Wouldn’t you know it, the average heart rate wound up being smack dab in the middle of my easy zone. Nice!! It was at its highest on the hills, but that’s to be expected. So, could 8:49-or somewhere in the viscinity-be my marathon pace? Got 16 weeks to find that out, let’s see what happens in that time…


7 thoughts on “not bad for just a training run

  1. Nice pace. Good luck on your training.

  2. Exactly what I thought – perfect pacing and perfect practice for the big one! 🙂

  3. I agree. Pretty good job pacing yourself. Maybe the track workouts are paying off!

  4. I think you’re leaving out the most important detail Flygirl. What about the bikini pictures from Lasker Pool???

  5. christie-thanks!!jud-thanks…it felt good to not even be breathing hard while everyone else around me looked like they were suffering (insert evil smile here)laminator-thanks…I’m actually usually better at pacing longer and slower…its the short, fast stuff that gets me!!derek-did you seriously think I was gonna post those pics? (and how did i know that you were going to be the one to bring up the topic…)

  6. flygirl – great run for you. btw- that’s a great pic— maybe you shouldreplace old 07 SF pic with this one. it is 2-0-0 EIGHT already! 🙂

  7. really? you think that one is better than the SF pic?any other opinions from my readership public? 🙂

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