i’m seeing red

I got my stuff for tomorrow’s New York Park to Park 10K (which included a sleeveless shirt for a change!) and was pleasantly surprised to see another red bib. It was one thing to get that number at the Mini 10K, due to the women-only field, but I find it hard to believe that there aren’t more peeps speedier than me who are registered for this race…unless they are saving themselves for next week’s club points race…or if the Bon Jovi takeover of Central Park forcing this race to be pushed back a day caused a conflict…

Whatever, I’ll take it.* 🙂 Shame, I will not be putting in a race performance worthy of being in the 2nd corral-as I am not planning to “race” this one…I’m preferring to save my race effort for a Tuesday night 5K, I really only signed up for the pool access (ice bath without the torture of one!) However, if the race scoring is as screwy as it was last year (as my teammate Johnny blogged about) maybe I will find a few minutes magically shaved off my time :-p

*Don’t get me wrong…I still want that coveted blue bib!! Someday, someday…


2 thoughts on “i’m seeing red

  1. It’s all bull… They have me at a 7:40 pace. ME. HA.

  2. not really-you must have run 7:40 pace for at least one race in the last coupla years, no? (they have 7:36 for me-from last year’s Wall Street Run!)

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