yankees win…theeeeeeee yankees win!!

What a game!! Total opposite of last week’s game, it was!! Giambi earned my All-Star vote by RBIing in the 1st…and it took an extra inning, but the combined efforts of Mariano, Jeter and Bobby Abreu made the Yanks victorious and a lot of peeps very happy :-p Quite a few of our crew left after the 9th, I’m so glad I stuck around!!

Happy Yanks celebrating!!!

Oh, and in honor of the “support the ‘stache” campaign, there were lots of fake mustaches given out today :-p


4 thoughts on “yankees win…theeeeeeee yankees win!!

  1. Lets go Mets !!!Lets go Mets !!! :))

  2. So are you at least one of our 33 million votes so far?My article is here and you will be happy to know I managed to squeeze in a run this morning between updating everyone on the Stache and candy hearts and Wright/Longoria pacts and everything.Good luck to your Yanks. Guess who my favorite team is. BTW you are so fast.Mark/MLB.com

  3. I saw the highlights on sportscenter. What a nice way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!Where’s the photo of you with the fake moustache?

  4. Anthony-oh no you di’int. you didnt mention the “M” word :-pmark-let me guess, fave team is the Mutts? That’s it, you’re banned πŸ™‚ (and FYI-i prefer to keep certain things anonymous on here…)shoreturtle-indeed!! and thankfully the rain held off too (but our seats were in the loge so we were covered.) I didn’t model the ‘stache-I let other colleagues do that πŸ™‚

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