what the hell is in the water?

seriously. is the marriage bug catching in my office or something? in the last coupla weeks there have been not 1, not 2, but 3 engagements (2 of the 3 just happening last week!) which i found out about yesterday and today. and my favorite part is being told “you’re next.” please. i’ve been hearing that for about 10 years, and it’s really getting old…seriously, what do you say to respond to that? “No i’m not!”

so yeah, i think that left me a little out of sorts yesterday evening. i did participate in the Flyers’ First Monday run…5 miles along the west side and around the bottom tip of Manhattan and ending at a great viewing spot to see all 4 waterfalls, then hitting up a downtown bar for drinks. Though I guess it was fun, I made sure to keep it a recovery pace…I dunno, my heart was sorta not in it…more emotionally tired, I think. (Legs surprisingly not sore-maybe there is something to those trail surfaces…) Hindsight, i probably shoulda just run solo and called it a day (night)

Wouldn’t you know it-this was my horoscope for yesterday…
“Today you may be too overwhelmed with emotions to get anything done. Instead of repressing your feelings, give in and have a good cry. You’ll feel better once you let everything out in the open.”

and today…
“Romance is on your mind a lot today. You want to have a fairy tale love affair, but you’re also unsure if you want to risk heartbreak. Keep in mind that a passionate relationship is attainable, but only through hard work, compromise, chemistry and a little luck.”

I swear, how do these people know?

Yankee game tomorrow with work! This should be, uh, interesting. And speaking of baseball, anyone else see those baseball-themed Statues of Liberty promoting the all-star game that are strategically placed around the city? I snapped this pic of the Detroit one thats in my building…wanna get a pic of the Yankees one! 🙂

detroit statue of liberty


4 thoughts on “what the hell is in the water?

  1. Love your blog! I’m in your building, fifth floor, mlb.com. And I thought you might be interested in this…http://statues.mlblogs.com:)it will be promoted on nyrr.org today as well! say hi please…Mark/MLB

  2. The Yankees Statue is in front of Model’s on 42nd.The World Champion Red Sox Statue is in the Sports Hall of Fame on Broadway. Did I mention they’re World Champions? 🙂 lol

  3. Hey, actually the one just listed by previous commenter is only one of them. The Yankees have the following:Yankees pinstripe (the most popular one): Next to Grand Central at 42nd and VanderbiltYankees red, white and blue: In front of Yankees Clubhouse on FifthYankee Stadium: Right next to the players entrance behind home plate at Yankee Stadiumhttp://statues.mlblogs.com shows them all, and http://www.mlb.com/statues has the map that people are printing out and taking on their search.Mark

  4. mark-thanks for stopping by!! and congrats on fame too :)anonymous troublemaker-typical of a sawx fan, too scared to show his/her face. and yeah, mention it all you want…you only got 4 months left to say it :-p

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