maybe blue moon isn’t the best carbo-loading source

For the record-despite what the post title says, said Blue Moons were not my sole carbo-loading source last nite. Actually, I wasn’t planning to indulge, but I had a request from a coupla friends to meet up for a drink or two so why not. And I wasn’t planning on getting loaded with an early wake-up call this morning.

So today, to finish off week 1 of marathon training, I did my long run at Rockefeller State Park. Although I knew other Flyers were doing a long run in Central Park…hmmm, Rockefeller vs. the CP bridle paths, tough decision!! I wanted to do about 12 miles, which I thought was completely doable (never mind the fact that I hadn’t run that far since the very beginning of this year.) C’mon, I do 16-mile training runs in Central Park at 9:30 pace!! 12 miles is EASY!

map of todays run

Good lord, even though I have run there before, I forget how nasty the hills are. I’m sure you can tell from my splits what the worst of it was (and where the downhills were too!) But man, this was the toughest long run I’ve done in awhile, and the mental demons definitely did get to me in the last 2.1 miles, I was at the “just move your feet as fast as you can without stopping and walking” point. (Though throughout there was a lot of cursing and “I hate you all!” under my breath :-p) Thankfully-the predicted rain held off…and actually wasn’t brutally hot for a change!!

Boy did that long run humble me, I know what I’m capable of and it’s better than this…guess I am not as hill trained-or distance trained-as I thought!! I did briefly wonder if I was falling into the overtraining trap again but I don’t think thats it (plus my RHR has actually gone down a few beats since I checked last-which as far as I know, contradicts that.) Nope, I just think that if I want to break 4 again, I’m gonna have my work cut out for me for the next 17 weeks-no resting on the laurels of 2006. Wish me luck…

Needless to say, after that run, brunch and then even more beers when returning to the city was just what the doctor ordered. As well as watching a killer Wimbledon final…GO Nadal!!! I so hope I get to see him play again at the US Open this year πŸ™‚

Man, this has been an exciting sports week!! Even more dramatic moments at the Olympic trials…

  • The womens 5K final!! I’m sure Shalane Flanagan thought she had it wrapped up, but guess again…Kara Goucher and Jen Rhines gave a sneak attack at the very end that she couldn’t respond to! I was glad to see Kara win after coming in second in the 10K, and I like Jen Rhines because she supports the whole “you-don’t-have-to-run-marathons-to-be-a-runner” thing :-p
  • And on the topic of Kara, did anyone notice this comment she made in her post-race interview? “I told my husband and my coach that I’d do them both if I won.” Yeah of course-she was gonna do both the 5K and 10K in the Olympics!! Some people, who will remain anonymous (well considering they post on LetsRun, of course they’d be anon!) thought otherwise. :-p You be creative and figure out what the misconception was.
  • Tyson Gay in the 200m-YIKES!! Here’s hoping he rehabs in time for the Games
  • Great run by Anthony Famiglietti, he just dominated the steeplechase!! Nice to see one who’s a regular on the NYRR race scene win big πŸ™‚

Now that the trials are over, I can actually get to sleep at a decent hour. At least until August 8th! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “maybe blue moon isn’t the best carbo-loading source

  1. Oh yeah…there are some fantastic hills at Rockies ! Great that you made it out there. If you want some company on your next trip out we have a very small group that meets every Saturday and Sunday.

  2. I’ve just recently been introduced to Blue Moon. There is a 6pack in my fridge!GOOD stuff!!!

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