tempo is tough

ah, the joys of speedwork while training for a fall marathon…dead legs, trying to not let the heat defeat you, dodging other park-goers…good times. So last nite brought a tempo-style workout, all on the bridle path…1.1 tempo miles, some short fast/slow pickups, then an even longer tempo interval…the last one being all uphill. Fun, right? I was to shoot for approximately 8 mpm for the tempo pickups…

I highlighted the fast parts with the red outline to make them stand out better…since a tip I was given was to set Mr. Garmin to take laps every .25 mile to help with pacing. Actually, that was a good idea, it sorta made the workout feel like it went by faster too! So obviously, I paced the first long pickup pretty well. The second long one…not so much!! But to be fair, that was almost all uphill, so probably the effort was the same, though the paces don’t show it. (And for the record, the one lap where it said 9 minute pace, I wasted a few seconds to avoid a collision with a biker! grrr…) Or maybe there were places where the signal was dropped…yeah, that’s probably what it is :-p

Hard part of the running week almost over…still got the long run to go!! Though if 10-12 miles is gonna give me problems, then I’m in trouble 🙂

4 thoughts on “tempo is tough

  1. That was a very nice tempo run. Have fun with the long run this weekend, but watch out for the thunderstorms. We have a nice group forming for a long run at Rockefeller on Saturday, mostly looking for upwards of 40-50 miles, but we also have a few folks looking to put in shorter distances.Have a nice 4th of July weekend.

  2. There are signs in many of the Rockefeller trails that say “Area restricted: individual runners only: NO GROUPS (3 or more)”.anthonyp, does your club get any flak from the equestrians about groups? How do you handle it?

  3. Jud – No. Those sighs were posted at some point in the winter (I actually posted about it on my blog). They are placed around the Swan Lake area. I have never had a problem when running with 3 or more people, nor have I seen anyone given grief for it. I just go and run, but spend a lot of time away from the Swan Lake area anyway.

  4. Thanks Anthony! Good to know. I was a bit concerned because I picked up this flyerhttp://i32.tinypic.com/20axhtj.jpgwhich lists several other areas besides Swan Lake. I went a couple of weeks ago and saw a couple of walkers chastise 4 or 5 runners for running as a group (a couple of miles from Swan Lake).Yesterday I checked out the trail head at the parking lot mentioned in the flyer, but it looked only barely runnable (unless I was looking at the wrong trail). So I drove back to the parking lot by Swan Lake and did an 8-mile run and saw no horseback riders.

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