pre (training) season is over!

And a muggy, humid 3.3 miles on the bridle path a few hours ago ended my NYC Marathon training “pre-season” (Hey, other athletes have a pre-season to gear up for their main season…so I think I should too!) Pre-season also ended with a 10-and-change mile long run on the west side highway yesterday afternoon, smartly done in the afternoon (hey I needed to sleep!! and apparently I need to acclimate too), thankfully right before the skies opened up yet again over NYC. Oh-and I actually saw the Garmin distance go backwards for a sec…weird!! And I wore my trusty Cumulus 9’s…compared to the 10s, felt like night and day. Yes, the 10’s will be going back to the store.

So. Tomorrow begins the quest for marathon #2. Planning to peak this time at 45 mpw, long runs no longer than 20 miles, and gonna try to fit in 2 cross-training days a week as long as I can (may have to “double” up on a day where I have a short run…) Goals? Well-honestly, I really do want to at the very least, get under 4 hours again so I can prove that 2006 was not a fluke. However a certain someone told me that is the lamest goal ever :-p What can I say-the last coupla years did shake my confidence a bit. Even though the spring was decent, I’m still not convinced that it would translate to a better marathon time. I guess the thing is-I really don’t have a recent race time to use as a predictor. The 4-milers are probably a bit of a stretch, I haven’t run a decent 10K yet this year, and while I was happy with Broad Street, I can’t really use that to predict a time for a hillier course like NYC.

So…tomorrow begins 18 weeks of hard work!! Wish me luck :-p

And on other running notes, I’m really getting into following the track and field OTs the last few days. I am kicking myself for crashing during the womens 10,000m on Friday nite (or Saturday morning, depending on how you look at it…) as I missed what was definitely a fabulous ending to that race. Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher ran expected fabulous races, but Amy Begley ran the race of her life-especially the 2nd 5K!-to get the A standard, to make sure her third-place finish wasn’t for nothing. (If anyone can find the video of this race on the web anywhere, please let me know!!) Exciting races in the sprints too (like the 100m that just happened!!) Who says that you have to be a marathoner to be a runner? While I am looking forward to watching the Olympic marathon on TV next month-moreso for the personal connection…I mean, those US guys qualified in my own backyard!-I think the track events are gonna be very exciting to watch as well.

(update-found it!! at least, the last minute or so of the 10K, thanks to

And is anyone else sick of the constant Brightoom emails that clog up the inbox as I am??? Dammit…where is that “unsubscribe” option…?

7 thoughts on “pre (training) season is over!

  1. Yes, Brightroom…WTF? I keep getting emails about the 2006 Joe Kleinerman.

  2. Got you beat on that one: The Bronx Half 2005! I knew there was a reason I gave NYRR my secondary email:)Good luck with training! Hopefully conditions get a little less jungle like.

  3. “under four hours to prove 2006 really wasn’t a fluke”I swear to God, you and I are the same f’ing person.I want to break four again, as well. Damn it! Wanna train together?

  4. omg, i am so excited about training!! (and, of course, fort wadsworth ;))I’m officially starting on July 4…

  5. I think you should aim for a boston-qualifying 3:40… you have it in you Flygirl.

  6. BCG-and that is one race that I want to forget!! nope, I won’t be buying any pics from that one :-puptown girl-I got you beat by 2 months-2005 Queens Half!! 🙂 but yeah, I did get the Boogie Down Bronx 2005 pics too…Peter-too funny. yeah, I wouldn’t be sad if somehow I did better but…yeah, 4 hours is the underlying goal again. let’s discuss off the blog…runner26-i guess i’m gonna have to train for the pre-race too, huh? :-pderek-thanks, but i gotta be realistic…I don’t have any race times that predict a 3:40 (Broad Street doesn’t count, thats a fast course.) I just think I’d be asking for re-injury or bonking to try for a BQ…most likely, I am gonna need the extra 5 minutes when I turn 35, and that may even be a stretch!!

  7. Don’t sell yourself, nyflygirl. You never know what a little consistent training will do. BQ might not be such a stretch for you. Just train hard, prepare well, run smart, and be open to the possibility. Really, really hoping it all will pay off for you. Best of luck.

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