white sheets, flashing lights

some of the beds at duvetAh yes, a few months have gone by, I guess I was due to hit up another Jewish singles event. And there was one last nite, put on by the same people who put on this last one in March. This one had a swanky “White Party” theme…think Hamptons meets JDate :-p Seriously, I have never seen so much white clothing all in one place. And to keep with that, was held at a pretty swank locale too…Duvet-infamous for the seating being actual beds (and in a SATC episode too-anyone remember this episode when Carrie got broken up with on a Post-It? On a POST-IT?!?!?)

So yeah, me and NC had on cute little all-white dresses and were both hoping for the best. Though it was a cool scene…and the music was great, I had a lot of fun dancing quite a bit…unfortunately, no male prospects. (the ones that did talk to me…no potential. my favorite was the one who showed me that he has a NJ drivers license even though he’s never lived in NJ-and has it to cheat on his taxes. I mean…who tells someone this when they’re trying to make a first impression???)

I swear, am I a glutton for punishment or something? Like why do I still go to these things if I know that it’s tough to meet guys there? (meaning relationship-minded guys…no playas, no hook-up artists.) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret going, I did have fun…it’s just these events that are meant for one thing usually seem to have the opposite effect!!

Well…thank god for one thing…no sleazy guys were trying to get me to go to bed with them :-p
(ok i know that was bad!!)


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