what i wouldn’t do for wine

Well, the anticipation of wine consumption tonite meant I had to rejigger my running week and fit in a speed workout a day early. And it was a fun one…not!!! Jog from the east to the west side of the 102nd street transverse. Run hard the other way. Jog to the center of the transverse. Run hard back. And keep repeating for about 40 minutes in total. This was how it turned out for me…

Obviously I started out too fast, obviously my legs were not too happy about that as they struggled to hold on (even though the heart was definitely working hard!)

By the end, the only thing I was looking forward to a nice cold beverage…alcoholic or not. Runner26 and myself celebrated the hard effort with a coupla margaritas, chased with some ice-cold water.

While I guess I was satisfied with the effort, I really don’t like this type of workout (keep doing repeats for X amount of minutes)-guess i respond better to limits on number of hard intervals-knowing how many I will need to do…I feel I can pace myself much better that way.

But at least it leaves me happily free to drink wine this evening 🙂

4 thoughts on “what i wouldn’t do for wine

  1. oooh–that was a good workout! I love the chart! That little garmin is quite the tracker. I love that it tells you the pace. I’d need to use my math skills to figure out my pace (perhaps a lesson for the fourthers next year sometime??) I have old-fashioned splits, soon to be posted. (margs and wine = very good ideas!)

  2. I just love how easy it is to download all these splits instead of manually writing them down! Pace-usually you can figure out from an online calculator, but in this case, I liked knowing the distance too…as that was not exactly 200 (actually a little longer!) and I bet the 400s werent exact either!!

  3. God, I am so jealous. Seriously. It’s been eons since I was out there, doing that sort of workout — the kind where you feel exhausted but exhilarated at the same time. Good job, ladies.

  4. Nice workout. For the record (or, in fact, the NYRRC *wheel-measured* — the ultimate in accuracy — record), the length of the transverse is 0.2662 mile.

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