workout. wednesday. wet.

(hehe certain person…i told ya about the title!!)

This post came later than I would have liked, but unfortunately the jury duty assembly room where I spent a good part of today-even though it had free wifi-wouldn’t allow access to secured sites-therefore no blogging. damn. (though compared to the last time I had jury duty in 2003-having free wifi is a blessing!!)

so yeah. wednesday’s workout. the plan was to hit the reservoir and/or the bridle path to avoid the mass of humanity known as the Corporate Challenge. How crowded was it in the park? Well, I had to cross the park drive just to get to the bridle path and even that was work. I actually had to mock-run with the masses for a tiny bit just to get across. yeesh. and it was raining, pouring!! ahhh…in true Corporate Challenge tradition (in the 4 years I did it with my company-either it was raining, or crazy hot.) And yet, I was crazy enough to do speedwork. Go figure. (I guess it was better than the other evil…at least it wasn’t 100 degrees.) So…it was a long-ass workout-a mile on the rez, then a bunch of pickups on the bridle path. The damage is below:

Guess starting off the workout with the fastest mile split I have ever done in a workout was not the best idea!! (OK, beat it by only 1 second. But still.) What happened was that I was in a pack with faster peeps than myself, and they sorta pulled me along (splits for that mile were 3:35/3:42…you get the idea.) I did feel like I was working hard for the rest of the workout (and the heart was definitely working hard), though the splits didn’t show it…though the consensus was that the GPS signal is weaker on the bridle path and I could possibly add .01 mile to those pickups (cuz as we know, that can make a difference when it comes to pace…)

But all in all, I guess not too shabby. And wouldn’t you know it, the minute we got over to the west side, it stopped raining…hmmm, maybe that’s a sign or something!! Though the bridle path was a mess…boy did I get dirty :-p

And funny moment of the night…we saw lots of Corporate Challenge people cutting the course, on the bridle path, on the reservoir, whatever….i jokingly yelled at one of those times “somebody get their bib number and DQ them!!” yeah right…like it’s possible for anyone to get DQed in that race…no chip timing, seemingly no rules as well!!


2 thoughts on “workout. wednesday. wet.

  1. Someone should hire you to be race marshal. I’m glad I missed the chaos of the Corporate Challenge…i remember being stuck in the crowds last year during my training run and took over an hour to get home…yuck!

  2. haha…actually, I wouldn’t have minded volunteering as a race marshall for one of the NYRR races this year. But I figured since I already have my volunteer requirement in, might as well let those who need it get a shot at doing that 🙂

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