vanity miles

OK…upon hearing the initial forecast yesterday, at first it was gonna be solely a cross-training day. But the yoga class I was gonna take wasn’t til 8:15…I should probably try and sneak in some time on the dreadmill while I’m at the gym.

But I left work and saw that the sky really didn’t look all that threatening and thought “hmmm, maybe i can sneak in a lap or 2 of the bridle path before yoga instead of running on the dreadmill.”

And I was gonna do that. Had the running shoes on, the Garmin on, the whole nine yards…but I had barely gotten to the park when I saw the lightning and heard the thunder and turned around…really didn’t want to chance it. And once I got home…I was debating whether I wanted/needed to sneak in any extra dreadmill time. But vanity won out…I thought about jogbra season, the upcoming Underwear Run, and that forced me out the door and through the torrential downpour (SO glad I bailed on running outside!) to the gym and got in 2.3 vanity miles (all I had time to fit in!)-all I had time to fit in (rush hour at NYSC, gotta wait for a treadmill!) but better than nothing…right?

Yep, I guess just like 10 years ago, vanity was the motivator once again…boy do I need help!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “vanity miles

  1. I’m not even motivated by vanity anymore – last night I just went to bed instead of working out. Need to get on track! Though I don’t think I’ll ever feel confident enough to run in just a bra.

  2. i’ve had no choice but to deal with running in a sports bra-i’m really sensitive to the heat, there are plenty of times when just a singlet is overkill.

  3. For the most part ALL of my miles are vanity miles to some degree.

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