no t-shirt this year

The past few years, i’ve picked up a t-shirt from the Father’s Day 5-mile race and given it to my dad as part of his Father’s Day gift (figured he can always use a new t-shirt for the “rotation”! :-p ) However, he was a tiny bit disappointed this year when I showed up with no t-shirt in hand. (Though I think that disappointment was short-lived when he got his gift of a new Mickey Mantle shirt.)

Yeah-for the first time since I’ve been running NYRR races, I decided to bail on signing up for this year’s Father’s Day race. Even though it’s on the friendlier of the Central Park 5-mile courses (clockwise lower 5), the race has been plagued by hot weather the last coupla years and I was not up for a repeat of last weekend. Instead, I figured I’d just get an easy run in and cheer on the guys…might as well, as they were nice enough to cheer for me last weekend 🙂 Turned out to be the right decision, it was humid as hell out and just an easy-paced run felt tough. However, the Flyer guys done good for this race.

Plus also, I was able to get a longer run in on Saturday…if I were racing, I probably wouldn’t have done that…but with marathon training starting in 2 weeks (eek!!) I really have to get comfortable with double-digit mileage runs. Did about 11 and a half miles…down the west side, around the bottom tip of Manhattan, up the East Side a little bit. Was raining the last few miles of my run and it felt great. However, saw lightning near the end and wasted no time in trying to find a subway. And once I got out of the subway on the UWS, it was a torrential downpour…the first of many that evening.

Yeah, I shouldn’t have procrastinated-but I was knocking back a few Boat Basin margaritas at the Flyers’ TGIFF happy hour (good lord, I keep forgetting how strong those strawberry ones are) and my body desperately needed an extra coupla hours of sleep. Was fun…big turnout this time, I think partially because the 40+ peeps missed hanging out with us under 40s so much 2 weeks ago :-p


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