ten degrees can make all the difference

east 6th street trackCompared to the inferno of this past Saturday through Tuesday, last nite’s weather at speedwork felt downright chilly. But make no mistake-it was still hot, so I expected to still feel a little “off” because of that (the legs I felt were fine, as neither effort this weekend was really a “race” effort.) Had another workout at the East 6th Street track, a location that I’m beginning to like a lot-not as crowded as Riverbank, better surface, right by the river, giving us that little bit of a cooling breeze. On the program tonite were a bunch of 800s sandwiched inbetween some 200m repeat. The report, courtesy of Mr. Garmin:

or-going by the actual meter measurements and not the Garmin…
200m = 0:49.68 (6:39.76/mi)
200m = 0:50.62 (6:47.32/mi)
200m = 0:50.48 (6:46.20/mi)
800m = 3:38.55 (7:19.65/mi)
800m = 3:34.92 (7:12.35/mi)
800m = 3:37.03 (7:16.59/mi)
200m = 0:47.54 (6:22.54/mi)
200m = 0:50.38 (6:45.39/mi)
200m = 0:46.32 (6:12.72/mi)

Wow, I was pleasantly surprised with this workout. I was supposed to run the 200s fast, and aim for 3:40-3:45 for the 800s. But the way I ran those was pace for the first 400, maintain for the next 200, pick it up for the last 200…which led to all 3 of em being under 3:40…not too shabby!! And that last 200, I just went all out on…and had a great kick at the end. 🙂 Definitely earned those Blue Moons afterwards!!

But it’s like damn…if only the weather had cooperated last weekend. I was ready to have a good race at the Mini, I know I was. Guess all I can do in the meantime is acclimate and look towards Club Champs in August!!


3 thoughts on “ten degrees can make all the difference

  1. Nice repeats, anchorwoman. I think you would’ve definitely had a much better race if it weren’t for the horrid weather. Don’t worry though, I’m sure all that track work will translate to awesome race times real soon!Oh, BTW, I tagged you. So get to work =)

  2. oooh–i miss that track!! I used to play there all the time 😦 Now I have no track so close to play on. But I will never forget it.

  3. That does look like a nice track…

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