need for speed relay 2008-the cliffs notes version

oh boy…this year’s edition of Need For Speed was a doozy.

Mother Nature was, well a mother f*cker today. It was hot as hell from the beginning. Everyone was struggling. Some were getting lost on the trails. But all Flyers were putting up a great fight.

However-out of 4 Flyer teams entered-only one was allowed to officially finish-and that was not the one I was on.

As we arrived at the exchange area for leg 8 to leg 9 (the final leg!)-we were told that due to “severe weather coming into the area”, that the relay had to be shut down, that anyone who started on leg 9 can continue to the finish…but for everyone else, they had to finish the leg they were on and call it a day.

So guess who on our team was supposed to run leg 9? Yep, me. Boy, was I not a happy camper.

At first, I just wanted to go to the end to support the one Flyer team that can finish-but halfway there, my teammates saw others still running and encouraged me to…so I did the last 3 miles of that leg. Nice and easy…it was hot, but I had Gatorade with me, ran conservative and felt fine. And was able to cross the finish line-albeit unofficially. (And I knew I could have done the full 5.7 if I was able to….)

At the “awards ceremony” (lord only knows how the placings were determined…)-they mentioned the real reason for stopping the race-it was the heat, there were way too many reports of dehydration. (which honestly-if they had just said so from the beginning, I would have understood…)

But thankfully-everyone-at least in the Flyer camp-was OK. That was the most important part…

Anyway, full report to come in the next day or 2. Need to rest now…


7 thoughts on “need for speed relay 2008-the cliffs notes version

  1. Hey – thanks for your post. It was nuts out there today. Sorry you guys didn’t get to finish either. I felt lucky to have run 2 legs, but it sure did beat me up.

  2. Hey, thanks again for those photos. I was a little star struck out there among the Olympians, but I really appreciate you getting those pictures for us. And I totally relate on the Mini. I can’t believe you ran today. I’ve been pretty sick with heat exhaustion, chills and fever and stomach issues, ever since the race ended…and I didn’t even think it was THAT hot. I guess the acclimatization factor really does come into play in a big way.

  3. It’s disgustingly hot here, too. And just 3 weeks ago, we hit a record LOW temperature for May. Go figure. Since I haven’t been running, I have to admit that I do not miss running in this sort of weather. Be careful!

  4. we were at the same exchange point when the race was cancelled. what a bummer, especially since i would have run part of leg 8 w/my daughter 😦

  5. Hellgate wants to thank the Flyers for driving one of our team mates to at least 2 transfer points. We were waiting for the paramedics with a runner we came across on leg 5, he was in really bad shape and later we learned he’d been put into an induced coma. We hope to hear good news about him from the organisers today.

  6. I saw on the Today Show this morning, how bad the heat was up there already. I felt a little bad, but being from Houston, its kinda hard to feel sorry for anyone cause we live with that weather for most of the year!But I hate that the race had to be called because of it!

  7. anthony-i can imagine, especially since you had that first leg!!chelle-I guess I pulled back enough in the 2nd 5K, that my legs didn’t feel like they gave much of a race effort. but you did great, given the conditions!BCG-yeah, it seemed like summer hit us out of nowhere!!rundangerously-we actually still got to finish up leg 8…mine was the only one that got axed 😦 it sucks when you were looking forward to it all day, as we were!!anon-not a problem-we were glad to do it-we were all in this together 🙂 your teammate wrote us a very nice email as well-thanks!! and kudos to your team for being in the right place at the right time and helping the fallen runner.june-yeah…but at least you can acclimate all year round!! when it goes from 60s to 90s almost overnight…arrrggghhh 🙂

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