angry reds

bibWell, with the implementation of the seeded pace corrals this year…it took away one thing that was a sorta tradition at the Mini-the local elite start-meaning those who run sub-8 pace for 10K. I guess it was done to ensure that the local club runners get a clean start, as in previous years (except 2007), the club scoring was done on clock time…and not all female points scorers have achieved the appropriate AG%.

Well now, we have the pretty colored corrals, people actually line up by pace…guess it made that criteria obsolete. And with no men in the field, I should get a color that was an improvement over my previous yellow bib…right? Was hoping for blue (first corral)…instead, got red.

I don’t know why I care about that so much!! I think what it really is, is that the previous start was a tradition I think a lot of us enjoyed…not even because of the starting position, but it was like a cool experience, all the local club runners “in this together”…starting behind the elites…and that ain’t gonna be the same in the 2nd corral.

However, when all is said and done it really isn’t so bad. At the very least, the start will be decent and I won’t get sucked out too fast with the uber-fast runners. And honestly, I think all plans for racing may be called off, as the weather looks to be red-hot tomorrow at 9 am…76 degrees, feels like 79, 74% humidity, sunny. Worst case scenario for race conditions, right?


2 thoughts on “angry reds

  1. I was red and saw a bunch of Flyers in my corral. I briefly wondered if one was you, but wasn’t sure. Should have tried!

  2. could have been!! I was standing in the front of the red corral.

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