feel that beat

So last nite, I actually wore my Garmin to a spinning class…nope, I didn’t want to know how many “miles” i covered on the spinning bike 🙂 I actually only wore it for the HRM…I was curious to see what the heart rate gets up to in spinning class (and the instructor does make HRM references sometimes.)

The results were very surprising!! I honestly found it very hard to get my heart rate up…both the “easy” and “hard” parts were approximately 30 bpm lower than “easy” and “hard” running. Not quite sure what to make of that…is it generally harder to get the heart rate up when cycling/spinning? Is my heart stronger than my legs are? Or am I doing my runs too fast?

Speaking of getting the heart rate up, I haven’t lost hope yet for the Mini on Saturday…current weather report for 9 am Saturday says 74 degrees…and I checked back at the 2004 results, and sure enough, it reports 74 degrees-low humidity though. So maybe if the humdity stays low, it may not be so bad…I’m actually a little more concerned for Need For Speed on Sunday, the high being 90 degrees and me running my leg during the hottest part of the day. I’ve already warned my team that it may have to be an easier effort than we’d like…


11 thoughts on “feel that beat

  1. Good luck at the Need For Speed. The Hellgaters have a team running — I think they won overall last year…

  2. Interesting about the spin class heart rate. As both a runner & a cyclist, I’ve thought about it many times. Running is definitely much harder on the heart than cycling. I’ve always told cyclists that our “easy runs” (as in even our *easiest* runs) are as hard cardiovascularly as climbing Harlem Hill by bike – for 20 minutes non-stop! That’s pretty hard.Maybe it’s because cycling engages much more leg muscle, so even a cardiovascularly “easy” effort (like climbing Harlem Hill) can be hard because the legs give out much sooner than in running.Or maybe it’s running that engages more muscle, because why would our hearts be working so hard to keep up?I dunno. It’s always confused me.

  3. Am totally freaked about the heat/humidity/challenge of my particular need for speed leg… Totally freaked…

  4. I’ve worn a heart rate monitor before in spin class. It is weird how much lower your heart rate is compared to running.Good luck this weekend! I’ll probably stick around to cheer the runners on after the group run. Look for me at 84th street:)

  5. josh-yep, Hellgate did win 1st overall last year…good luck with them defending their title (especially up against the Flyers’ “ringer” team…hehe)jud-thanks for those observations…good to know that it isnt just me!! 🙂 wonder if part of it is because running is my primary sport and i can push my heart to greater limits while running? who knows!runner26-at least you are getting it done early in the day. and not when it’s 90 degrees…yikes. hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…

  6. uptown girl-oops, look like u snuck in while I was commenting 🙂 I honestly don’t know if I’m gonna wear it again to spinning-just go by effort.i’ll look for you (and the pompoms?) on the course…

  7. cycling heart rates are generally lower. or, rather, running heartrates are higher because much more of the body is engaged (think, swinging arms, all the muscle action that goes into balancing the body)

  8. that actually does make perfect sense!! who knew it could all be so simple? 🙂

  9. That part make sense. But why is it so difficult (or impossible) for a runner to work hard enough on a bike so that her heart rate goes up to “running” levels?

  10. My heart rate is definitely higher when I run than when I’m doing a spin class. I get up around 170 when running at my top speed, whereas I average around 155 during spin class. I think it’s because running is all you, whereas cycling entails you and a “machine.” At least that’s my theory.

  11. I just used my heart rate monitor for tonight’s spin class. My heart rate, at it’s max was 154 – and that was towards the end during an all out sprint! However, my teacher was great. My heart rate shows it…a nice gradual increase in heart rate til the end. Pretty chart!

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