better than SATC

Original plan for Monday after work was as follows…go see the Sex and the City movie. Then meet up with the Monday night downtown crew at Shake Shack. But those plans got changed when I got an email from a friend asking if I wanted to go to a special screening of Run For Your Life-the documentary about Fred Lebow and the NYC Marathon. As I missed the movie when it was playing at the Tribeca Film Festival, and I had heard nothing but rave reviews about it, I jumped at the chance. And it was worth it!!

First off…as this was a special screening in honor of NYRR’s 50th Anniversary and “Running Week“…there were actual running celebrities in the audience too…including Grete Waitz, Bill Rodgers, Kathrine Switzer (and a couple even participated in a little Q and A afterwards!!) I kinda felt like I was at a star-studded movie premiere or something :-p

As this movie has had many reviews…instead of writing up a full review, I figured I’d mention the points that stood out most in my mind.

  • How “back to basics” everything was. No CoolMax, no PowerGel, no chip mats, no 5K splits, tearing the tag off the bib, how small the original finish line was, the retro running clothes…it is amazing how far things have come.
  • Fred tossing the “clown” out of the way at the start line in Staten Island. He obviously had no tolerance for those who didn’t take his race seriously!! (Wonder if he would have done the same to “Mr. Testicles” :-p )
  • How I recognized so many things in Central Park…the bridges, the drives…and they really did not look much different than they do 30 years later. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same 🙂
  • Fred’s “ladies man” reputation…kind of an “Austin Powers”-esque quality :-p
  • All the different neighborhoods in the five boroughs, coming together as they do now on Marathon Sunday.
  • Not seeing ING’s name plastered on anything!!
  • Fred’s extreme dedication to his vision, his race…just like a marathon runner.
  • Fred running his race for the first (and last) time with Grete Waitz by his side, breaking his own finish line tape…I felt that moment was the most emotional.

After seeing this movie, it’s gotten me more pumped up to run the NYC Marathon this year…and very appreciative of the efforts of so many people-Fred Lebow especially-to give me the privilege to run the 5 boroughs in November.

So yes-this was definitely worth passing up seeing SATC…I have plenty of time to see that (though PLEASE do not give me any spoilers-thanks in advance), but I didn’t know if I would have another chance to see this great movie, about this important piece of NYC running history. (And as it turned out, the Monday nite crew didn’t even stick around at Shake Shack since it was too crowded and wound up going elsewhere!)

Another race that was mentioned in the movie was the Mini 10K…spoke a bit about the history of that race and how they tried to draw attention to women’s running…can you believe they actually used Playboy bunnies to promote the event in the beginning? 🙂

So yeah…that race is coming up on Saturday, and the weather is not looking too good…looking to be a scorcher similar to 2005 and 2007. If the weather had cooperated, I was hoping for at least a course PR (48:59)…but I have a feeling all goals are gonna have to be thrown out the window, and just have to settle for trying to run an even race (more like 2007 than 2005), whatever that may be…I’m sure I’ll know at mile 1 what kind of day it’s gonna be…


5 thoughts on “better than SATC

  1. um. yeah. gotta gotta gotta SEE THAT MOVIE!! i hope it comes to Houston!!! I saw Spirit of the Marathon twice when it came will love SATC!!

  2. you ran passed me on Hudson River Park on Tuesday about 6pm and you didn’t even wave. Hmmm 2nd random encounter.

  3. june-yep, that’s what my sources say about the movie…looking forward to seeing it!!barry-are you following me? :-p

  4. It must have been the mohitos!! ;p

  5. So glad you got to see it! One reason why I felt the need to run the mini this weekend was due to the playboy bunnie marekting scheme back in 1971 😉 I guess it must have worked, because how else did women’s running become so popular?? 😉

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