one weekend down

yes, of course in the season that goes by quickest, as does the first weekend of said season. i really hope this is not a trend though!! two highlights of the weekend…

…first one being the first of the Flyers‘ summer “TGIFF” happy hours. Was the Central Park Boathouse and thankfully, no rain as has been the trend for most of the Boathouse happy hours 🙂 However, there was a sorta conflict this nite-as our team’s 40+ runners had their own social event that night, but we all felt the TGIFF party should go on because…seriously, why should the under 40s have to stay at home? But, being the mischief-maker that I am, I made it my duty to let some of our masters men know via text message what they were missing. Or what I made them believe they were missing :-p (c’mon…dancing on tables…that’s believable, right?) And eventually, some of those guys did pay us young’uns a visit after their social was over…ah, never can resist the pull of the under-40 crowd 🙂

Today was another visit to Rockefeller State Park…a different route…little bit longer (around 8.5 miles), a coupla different trails…and one hill that I felt was almost as bad as that one killer kill in the Palisades!! But honestly, I can’t say enough about the trail surface, I think as one of my teammates has told me plenty of times in the past, it really does lead to shorter recovery time. Was a fun time…during the run and before/after the run…Harley motorcycles on the highway and on the streets with the drivers fist-butting at every intersection :)…peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes at brunch…yum.

And got quite a bit of stuff going on, running-race wise this summer!!

  • Starting off with the annual favorite Mini 10K…please weather gods, have mercy on us this year!! (In other words, the weather forecast has 6 days to improve…)
  • Then for the third year in a row, doing my weekend double…Team Black will be back for the Need for Speed Relay…this year I have a different-but still easy-leg. But I’m really just in it for the hijinks in the Team Black van :-p
  • Not exactly a race, but still an organized run…the Underwear Run on NYC Tri weekend. I really hope I do not regret signing up for it…lol
  • Thinking of possibly doing a weeknight 5K in Hoboken in July…
  • Of course, the Club Team Champs 5-miler in August
  • And signed up for the Philly Distance Run in September!! (still officially summer) Have been dying to run a flat half-marathon for awhile…and hey, Philly has shown that it can put on a great race 😉

And in the midst of all this…damn, can’t believe NYC Marathon training starts in 5 weeks. Meaning I have 5 weeks to come up with a training plan. In 2006 I peaked at 42 mpw…but then, I didn’t really cross-train. I’m sorta thinking this time around that crazy mileage wouldn’t be a good idea-peaking at 45 mpw maybe? 50 tops?-since I would like to fit in more cross-training….the quality over quantity idea. Since surprisingly my race times have gotten better this year while running less miles. Dunno if I’m making sense here… 🙂

(doublechecked-actually NYCM training would begin on June 30th…meaning 4 weeks to come up with a plan!! eek…)


8 thoughts on “one weekend down

  1. I tried to introduce myself but you looked like you saw a ghost or I had 9 heads:)

  2. lol…i think those were the mojitos talking!! also i think i was a little surprised that a blog reader recognized me when I’m cleaned up and not in my Flyer gear…sorry about that!! 🙂

  3. Dear Relay Teamate, Since you’re running the final leg for our team, can you please save some energy in your 10K so you can run down whoever’s in the way and take down the trophy for us on Sunday? Especially now that we’re in the Open Men’s division. No pressure or anything…

  4. ummm…laminator? Did GW log in as you or something? :-p

  5. Hmmm, I don’t think I’m brave enough for the underwear run. But I am planning on the 10K this weekend!

  6. Hmmm…I hope you totally know I’m kidding too…Have fun on your 10K…I’m sure it’ll go well!Just one question about the relay…If they only mention one water stop in the leg does that mean we are responsible for our own hydration the rest of the time?

  7. laura-i wouldn’t be surprised if a few weeks from now I have a moment of “why did i sign up for this? i have no business running in public in my underwear” 🙂 (though come to think of it…I probably already do when I wear sports bras)laminator-yep i know, hence the emoticon. as for water stops-we get a case of water bottles at the beginning to utilize throughout the day…i have a feeling i will need to on my leg!!

  8. Augh! I cannot believe that the training cycle for fall marathons is already on us.Can I say it again?AUGH!

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