speedwork fun, brought to you by mr. garmin

i think these graphs and maps from mr. garmin make tonite’s speed workout self-explanatory…

map of tonite's workout workout splits cool graphy thing

lots of fast, slow, fast, slow work. and latched on to the fast group at the end for a little kick 🙂 (for the record-after looking at a coupla maps, looks like the GPS signal was screwy around lap 12…it may have been uphill, but pretty sure I was going faster than that…def. felt harder!!) But definitely a great workout, felt much better than the track workout 2 weeks ago, and no lingering effect from those Rockefeller hills either!!

also, I didn’t have an HRM before getting Mr. Garmin and I’ll say-I like using it so far-I think it is gonna help me train smarter on easy runs, and also in the summertime give me a better idea of the effort put in even when the pace doesn’t show it.

but i swear, I’m like a kid in a candy store here, with all this data at my disposal to analyze it every which way 🙂 kinda explains why I am in market research…and like looking at numbers and telling a story from them!!


2 thoughts on “speedwork fun, brought to you by mr. garmin

  1. Hey! Didn’t we all tell you how you’d be a completely different runner after you get your Garmin. I think people should start using B.G. and A.G. as universal time markers.Just be careful you don’t get too addicted to it that you can’t run slow anymore because you’re so fixated on the numbers. Believe me, it’s a terribly contagious disease that you don’t want to catch.

  2. Don’t worry-actually I’m hoping the opposite will be true-that this thing will keep my easy runs easy. (So far, it has.)And for the record-during the workout I really only treated the Garmin as a watch-I didn’t pay attention to any of the distance and pace info until afterwards.

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