the long weekend, in pictures

nyc skyline from the met rooftop my west/east side/bridgy run
Friday-martinis and admiring the view on the Met rooftop (and oh yeah, looking at some other art) Saturday-long run down the west side, over 2 bridges and back north. West side path and Brooklyn Bridge very crowded. Quite a few seamen were spotted.
not the martinis i drank sunday, but needed an illustration map and elevation of the rockefeller trails...thankfully did not get lost!
Sunday-2 watermelon martinis, 2 appletinis and some girl talk Monday-almost 8 hilly miles in Rockefeller State Park

But how is it almost time to go back to work?? I just hope the whole summer does not go by as quickly as this weekend did!


4 thoughts on “the long weekend, in pictures

  1. Hey you passed right by me on Jane St. and Hudson River Park..I wanted to go on that run too!!!

  2. Wait, who’s organizing trips to R.S.P. these days? I want to go.

  3. jon-wasn’t a flyer thing…but those would probably be starting in july.i will say, i would not go to RSP unless I know there is someone who would run my pace and not take off on me…it’s easy to get lost and the terrain is difficult-i averaged 10-minute miles. (could have been the 4 martinis from the previous night as well though…)

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