i love me some cilantro

Not the herb (though I do like that too!) but actually the restaurant. Seems to have been a hit with the Flyers the last 2 weeks!! And personally, I can’t pass up their chicken fajitas with whole wheat tortillas and frozen pomegranate margaritas (which are much stronger than the overpriced Rosa Mexicano ones!)

Last nite a few of us gathered there for a little team powwow…yep, Team Black is back for another go-around!! If last nite was any indication, we’re in for another fun day…I’m sure there will be a lot of “talking legs.” :-p

Then last Wednesday was the Flyers’ annual “let’s celebrate Cinco de Mayo not on May 5th so we can avoid the crowds!” fiesta. This consisted of a 3-stop bar crawl…had the option of doing 1 stop, 2 stops, or if you have the endurance…all 3!! And you know I am better at endurance than I am at sprints…so you can guess what I did. Yep me and only 2 other brave souls decided on the early start and had a $3 margarita at Blockheads…before trekking a few blocks to Mustang Grill, where a few others started to join us. We had the back room to ourselves for a bit, so that was fun!! Finally, we headed a few blocks north to the final destination-Cilantro, which had the biggest crowd of the nite. More margaritas, some salsa, guac, fajitas, you name it…some fun trivia quizzes on NYC Mexican restaurants, Cinco de Mayo history, and tequila. I scored 100% on the first 2 (the restaurant one I finished answering in a minute!) but didn’t fare as well on the tequila one. But was fun-and like any endurance event, paced myself well!!

Oh-that event was a certain other blogger’s first Flyer event…yep, the Laminator is officially one of us. (welcome to the dark side…hehe.) Definitely as nice in person as he is on his blog…heck, he kept me company last nite during the group run when no one else would (probably since I called him out on this post…hehe.)

And on the topic of last nite’s group run, a little bit of a mini-rant. OK…according to Mr. Garmin, I ran about a 9:10-9:15 pace for the loop last nite. Which considering the fact that my legs were still tired from Wednesday’s tracky behavior and just felt like an easy run to “shake them out” a little bit…was pretty much what I should be doing. But the fact that in a group of about 15 people, I was SO far behind everyone…am I crazy, or is something wrong here? Since when has 9:15 pace become back of the pack? Yeah, I know-the runs are different for everyone, some are faster, some may not be using this as an easy/recovery run…but it is insane that I still have to worry about having to run by myself, or getting dropped. There…rant over.
(And in case anyone was gonna say it’s the pot calling the kettle black…yes, I did use to be one of those. And I did learn my lesson and dealt with 3 years of injury/overtraining BS because of it. Trying to be smarter now…)

Got my bib for tomorrow’s race…I’m yellow!! Which is the 3rd corral for those keeping track at home…not too shabby!! I’m curious to experience this whole corral hoopla for myself.


One thought on “i love me some cilantro

  1. Hey! Thanks for the compliment. It was a pleasure to run with you yesterday and poke your brain some. I was surprised also that we were bringing up the rear running a 9-min pace, but since it was only my second group run, didn’t know if that was the norm or not. Anyway, hope to run into you tomorrow at the race.

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