you win some, you lose some

Last nite’s speed workout brought me to the track at Riverbank State Park…my first time at this track which was more…lively than E6th street? Well crowded at least. And more obstacles to dodge (lots of soccer balls!)

And I got to try out the Garmin for the first time during speed!! I decided to turn the “current pace” feature off and use the “current lap time” and distance to sorta give me an idea of pace.

So anyway-this workout was the same as the last track workout I did-the reverse ladder of 200/400/400/600/400/300/200. And my lovely Garmin made it so easy to download and export all my splits…

Split Time Split Distance Split Pace
warmup 11:00 1.08 10:10
warmup w/ fast turns* 6:22 0.78 8:07
200m 0:47 0.13 6:06
recovery 1:24 0.13 10:52
400m 1:38 0.26 6:25
recovery 1:24 0.13 11:18
400m** 1:43 0.26 6:30
recovery 1:20 0.12 11:22
600m 2:42 0.37 7:14
recovery 1:24 0.12 11:24
400m 1:46 0.26 6:58
recovery 1:25 0.13 11:24
300m 1:17 0.19 6:48
recovery 0:49 0.06 13:06
200m 0:50 0.12 6:56
recovery 2:48 0.22 12:32

*Slow on the straightaways, fast on the turns for 3 laps of the track
**I hit the lap button a few seconds too late-what was recorded was 1:46-but this was what I remembered…at any rate, this one was definitely under 1:45.

This one definitely felt tougher than the last one. I think several things were going on:
1. started out too fast
2. maybe not fully recovered from Broad Street
3. an “off” day-not that everyone needs to know about female issues, but when it’s *that* time, I usually do feel a lot more sluggish

But-I think that all but 1 being under 7 pace is good…fact of the matter is, it’s still better than where I was at a year or so ago. And honestly-I think compared to how these felt, sub-8 miles in a race will seem easy…and isn’t that the point of some of these workouts? 🙂

2 thoughts on “you win some, you lose some

  1. also Mr. Garmin is totally unreliable for track intervals. Has something to do with not being able to track on the tangents around the curves. Much better off using your timex Ironman.

  2. probably that, plus apparently i need to learn to run in lane 1 as well 🙂

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