this brings a new definition to "annoying junk mail"

And may I add insulting to the description too? Yes I will.

OK, we all get those random junk mails addressed to “Our neighbor at” or “Resident” or something else.

But the one I got today? It was addressed to “Mr & Mrs (my name)”

OK-why is the assumption that every residence needs to have a couple living there, a family or whatever? Is it not unheard of-and may I add, normal!-for single people to live by themselves? Or forget the “live by themselves” part, how about the fact that not everyone is a part of a “Mr. and Mrs.” jeez….

Well, Pinelawn Memorial Park and Garden Mausoleums-you ain’t ever getting my business. (Not that I was in the market for…that…right now anyway!!)

disclaimer: it is that time of the month.


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