gotta love tax refunds!!

I’m sure the government is happy that I had plans to spend my additional tax refund…even before the money hit my account (any day now…woohoo!)

First off-my Garmin arrived a week ago!! And I’ve used it on 3 runs so far…measured the 2.5+1.66 bridle path at 4.15 miles, the full 6 Central Park loop at 6 miles even, and the lower 5.1 mile loop at 5.2 miles. So pretty damn close!! I’m definitely satisfied with it so far, and am looking forward to trying it out in a speed workout, and utilizing it for the upcoming marathon long runs…however, I am kind of iffy about using it in a race. I think had I used it at Broad Street…I may have been too conservative, instead of “trying on” the 7:45s. And question for those other Garmin users…I have tried out both the software that came with it for exporting data, and also tried out MotionBased…however, the MotionBased data always has the distance a little longer than what is actually on the Garmin…anyone know why?

Secondly…I treated myself to a fancy-schmancy haircut!! After hearing the rave reviews about Devachan…and actually having used their hair products for the last year!-I decided I needed to try it out for myself. And actually-thanks to my Amex Membership Rewards points, I had a gift card as well!! So I could not resist-and let me say, it did not disappoint. The stylists were great-asked me a lot of questions about what I liked and didn’t like about my hair and what type of cut I wanted, really did a great job to make the most of my hair type with less maintenance, and were very helpful in showing me how to style it at home!! And I was very happy with the end result-and even was able to duplicate it yesterday! I definitely will be back…making my hair routine easier is definitely worth it. (And from what I heard, usually their cuts grow out better and need less trims…so I may not need to go back every 3 months like I usually do, so it just might be a wash…) So yeah…you can say I drank the Devachan kool-aid (or I should say iced tea…they serve this iced tea that is addictively good!)

So this weekend, I will be at the Healthy Kidney 10K…I signed up only as a way to get in a few miles (as the rest of the day will be occupied) and get a new techy shirt :-p Plus I figured it’s better to test out the new corral system in a race that I really don’t have much expectations for (hoping that the Mini 10K will have the nice weather of 2 years ago-I’d rather shoot for a good time there.) And hitting up Wall Street next week with my company…only goal there is to finish first among my colleagues :-p (and can act as my speedwork for the week!) Though I think it would be fun to have a pool to guess what the distance of that race will be (an actual 5K this year? Or 3 miles? 3.3 miles? 2.7 miles? The course map looks the same as last year so I’ll say 3 miles…)


7 thoughts on “gotta love tax refunds!!

  1. I think a pool for this year’s race is a great idea. It seems like every year is just a little closer to a 5K. One can only dream.Maybe I’ll see you there.

  2. Hey NYFlyGal,Now that I know who you are, can’t wait ’til the next time we’re on a group run together so we can chat about all the things we blog about.For example:1) I’ve had my Garmin 305 for a year now, and I use it on every kind of run…long, short, races, marathons,etc. The key to using it in a race, at least for me, is to hit the lap button everytime you pass a mile marker. That is better than using AutoLap because Garmin tends to overestimate the distance. And what I do is to only review my lap time at the end of every mile (not lap pace again because of overestimation), and use that info to plan how I’m going to attack the next mile. I suggest that you don’t use the current pace feature because it’s not so accurate.2) As far as software goes, I advocate using SportTracks, which is a free-map based program downloadable through the internet (just google it). I tried MotionBased when I first got Garmin too, but quickly switched when I found out SportTracks. SportTracks is way better because it is much more accurate, it syncs with the Garmin, and stores way more information and presents it in a very easy-to-use interface, so you can look up every kind of information you can think of. Give it a shot.Anyway, hope that’s useful. If you’re confused by anything I said, feel free to ask me next time you see me (like at Healthy Kidney race) and I can expound.Sorry, got wordy there. Just love my Garmin so much! You’ll understand, in a year or so…

  3. Great job on the Broad St. Run. I’m also conflicted about using the Garmin in races. I used it for the Brooklyn 1/2 and I think it definitely helped me pace myself. On shorter races its probably of little value.

  4. shoreturtle-actually, the first time I ran this race (in 2004) they did claim it was a full 5K-actually, I hoped it was long since I wasn’t thrilled with my time 🙂 You can bet I will be standing as far up as I can get…laminator-same here, and it wouldnt be the first time (as you know, the Flyers are chock-full of bloggers!) I do agree with what you’re saying about turning off “Autolap” in a race (that was the one thing I didn’t like about my previous gadget) and that the “current pace” feature seems kinda flukey at times. Maybe I will use it in races-only because it’s easier to download data that way. Gonna check out SportTracks too…Barry-I think it’s the opposite for me-I do much better with my own pacing in long races, it’s shorter races where I need a little help (especially the first mile of a 5K…have to make sure not to rabbit it!!)

  5. No pictures????????I quit this blog!Email me one please, I want to see the new you ! It will be a while before I can drag myself out at night again to see for myself.Good luck in the race & congrats on Philly. HEIDI

  6. You couldn’t quit if you tried :-pI’ll send you one when a certain someone sends them to me…it honestly doesn’t look drastically different-I just think maintenance will be easier…

  7. Nice haircut. You look geat!

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