i need to stop checking the weather

Forecast for Sunday don’t look too good…

Yeah I know it’s still 4 days out and it can change…but I still don’t have to like it. Well if it does happen, I just hope my 15K and 2 half-marathons in the rain back in 2006 prepped me enough for this…

(or if there would be a window of no rain, say between 8 and 10 am, I’d love that too 🙂 )

4 thoughts on “i need to stop checking the weather

  1. ehh, today the weather report said something like they didn’t know what the weekend would hold–could be wet, could be dry. We’ll just have to wait and see. I don’t want to be on that boardwalk in the rain though…at least you won’t have crooked boards to contend with…

  2. I think they’re calling for the same weather pattern in NJ, where I’m running my half-marathon. Let’s hope for a rain break early Sunday morning, because I have zero experience racing in the rain! Good luck in Philly.

  3. UGH — Let’s hope it goes away. There is still time for the weather gods (and forecasters) to chnaeg their minds. They usually overestimate. I am in a mtb race that day. No matter what it does at the actual time of the race there will be residual mud, I am going to come out of that thing looking like a chocolate covered aunt….at least you will be clean and wet…. :-PGood luck hun xoHEIDI

  4. R26-I shudder at the thought of the boardwalk. It hates me in dry weather, can’t imagine what it would do to me in wet weather. Well besides that, I’m sure the NYC Half and Grete’s would have prepped you too… :)laminator-once you get going, the rain isn’t too horrible…it’s just moreso when you are waiting around beforehand. Good luck!!Heidi-well think of it this way, you get a free mud bath…no need to go to a salon for that kind of treatment…hehe.

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