harder to breathe

Love spring. Hate allergy season.

Yep. Tree pollen has hit NYC with a vengence this past week. The sidewalk and cars on my street are covered with the stuff. And you can imagine what Central Park would be like. It’s part of the reason why I’ve been wearing my sunglasses a lot lately when running-even at night (cue the 80s song!)-just to keep my eyes covered. Even though Thursday was another nice day, I bagged running in favor of yoga-partially because I needed some good stretching after the speed workout, but partially because I wanted-needed-to stay inside. Figured I’d run Friday morning instead-as I remembered, allergies didn’t act up as bad in the morning-so that I did, 4.2 miles on the bridle path.

Such good that did-I spent all of Friday morning sneezing like crazy-the Claritin I took was useless. Got so bad, I had to take a half-sick day (my colleagues did not argue with that at all!) And decided to suck it up and take Benedryl instead, who cares if it knocks me out.

So not only do I need to check the weather reports, but also the pollen count. Great. I put off my long run (9 miles) to today for that reason. And got it in without incident and not too much respiratory damage.

I definitely feel ready for Broad Street. Now just need to hope the weather will cooperate…right now it’s showing rain…but I know all too well how fast the forecast can change…


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