a stitchy situation

Last nite was really the first warm-weather speed workout of the season…though the actual workout was “easy-er” than previous, I still had a feeling the weather may up the difficulty level.

The workout consisted of a half-mile, recovery, 1K, recovery, 1K-the pickups done at 5K/4-mile pace (which for me, based on my last race would be 7:40, give or take a few seconds.) So I figured I’d be best in the 7:30 pace group…

Boy, was I wrong. The first half-mile was up Cat Hill and to the Obelisk…and I had dropped behind the group and was thinking “damn, 7:30 pace shouldn’t feel this hard.” Well no wonder-that half-mile was 3:36!! Even if I had stopped my watch a second or 2 early, was still too fast, especially uphill. Decided to recover slowly and just run my own pace for the remaining pickups. The first 1K pickup was 4:46, or 7:40 pace….hmmm, why yes, that one was spot on!! Recovered, started the last pickup-and ran into a little trouble there. Think the legs were fine and capable of another 4:46-but developed a nasty sidestitch which hurt like a bitch…and left me no choice but to slow down. That last 1K was 5:16, that shows how much it was hurting. Wish I knew why these happened…could it be the warm weather? I remember getting one in mile 6 of last year’s Mini 10K, and I got one during my long run on Saturday when the weather was warm (but then I was able to stop running til it went away.) It’s a mystery, I tell you…

But, despite that, I don’t think the workout was a total bust. I figured if one that was not up to par would happen, this was the week for it (guess matzo is not the best fueling source!) And hey-I did hit the pace perfectly for one pickup, meaning my pacing skills are still there 🙂 Next time, next time…

(now my sources are telling me that the first 1K was actually 1.1K…6:58 pace? can’t believe it. it was net downhill, but still…)

2 thoughts on “a stitchy situation

  1. Nice site. I run cat hill repeats about once a week and they never seem to get easier. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I added you to my list of running blogs. I look forward to reading more.

  2. nice work on the intervals. it’s definitely tough to run through a side stitch and yeah, i have no idea why they happen. that first half was killer! nice job! and it’s great you had some left in the tank to hit the 1k on pace.

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