green-eyed girl

For the fourth year in a row, I spent the better part of the workday on Patriots’ Day glued to the computer, tracking teammates and other friends running Boston

A familiar emotion was present…the “go team”…cheering strong starts…sending subliminal messages in the 2nd half to hold on and finish strong…heartbreak for those who either finished seriously hurting, or didn’t finish at all. Pride in my teammates who toed the start line once again, and did their best.

But another one was present this year, and I really don’t know what triggered it this year, as opposed to the last 3 years. Yep, the green-eyed monster reared its ugly head. To the point that i really felt like just running solo tonite-because I didn’t feel like hearing about Boston anymore.

In a way, I think I feel like the girl trying to get in to the “cool clique.” With their snazzy jackets, amazing athletic ability, admiration of so many, they’re the people you wanna be.

But this is one tough clique to crack, there are standards to meet. I can’t just say “oh yeah I’ll be there next year”…I may never have a 3:40 marathon in me, my best bet may be 2012 with a 3:45-and even that may be a stretch. I was damn proud of my 3:58 marathon debut, but was it as impressive as those who debuted with a 3:40 or better? But on the other hand…I should be grateful that I am that close…

And on that note, why do we use the BQ standards as the measuring stick of sorts? I can say I’d be more impressed by someone who trained like crazy and ran a 4:30, rather than one who really didn’t train but still ran a 3:30 because they had that natural ability…I guess what I am trying to say is that there is so much that the numbers just don’t reveal.

Yeah, I know. I’m horrible for thinking all this. But at the end of the day, I really did wish all runners today well, I wasn’t hoping for anyone to bonk or anything…can’t hate em because they are fast, I guess. 🙂

(oh and bandana-brain…you done good-just put the camera away next time!! 🙂 )


6 thoughts on “green-eyed girl

  1. As I sit here facing potential surgery on my right ankle, which would put me out for a whole year, I find it amusing that to deal with your jealousy, you went running. You know how I’m dealing with my jealousy, not only of Boston, but of you being able to deal with yours by running?I’m not. Because I can’t run.So while I totally and completely understand where you’re coming from, you’ll understand if under my breath I’m cursing you out as you deal with your jealousy by running.My jealousy? Well, I could always starve myself… That, if nothing else, would keep the fat away.

  2. Curse me out all you want. I already know I’m such a horrible person for being jealous of a petty little thing.And BTW, I have been injured before and sidelined so yeah, I’ve been in your shoes, so to speak. You don’t need to tell me twice, I know what you’re feeling as well. And I hope it does not get to that point, that you have to be sidelined for a year.And I am sure if you looked hard enough, there are more constructive ways of dealing with jealousy besides starving yourself. I’ve tried it. Didn’t work. Wound up being bitchier than I am now. (If that could even be possible…)And to everyone-I apologize that I needed to get something off my chest, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming of cute happy fluffy bunny blog posts…

  3. Boston, shmoston. I’m glad it’s over. And you wouldn’t be so jealous of more than half those “cool clique” people (which they would be no more) if the standards were brought back to what they used to be – 2:50 for men, 3:10 for masters men, 3:20 for women, and 3:30 for masters women.

  4. jud-i’m glad it’s over too…though I’m sure I’ll be hearing the stories for days to come…all this drama for a marathon in a city that I don’t even like the baseball team for :-pand FYI all-the first two comments for this post are like “The Hills”-scripted reality 🙂

  5. Thanks for the comment, but never will I give up the camera!!! NEVERRR!!!I do have to say, yes there are people who are proud to make it to Boston and buy the jacket, apparel and other items (talk about it all the time because it is fairly large accomplishment, no?) Why the green eyed monster anyways? The green monster of Fenway? Where does the Eye come in?Although that should not be the case in all sorts, as we had discussed some people are not built up for marathons…clearly I could not run a 5K in a 5:30 min/mile…I’m just not built that way…as some people are not built to run a marathon… You just have to deal with that. Move on and go for your own personal goalsThe real accomplishment is self accomplishment. Running is a personal accomplishment for your own self. There is no deterrent from you doing Boston…there were about 1,500 or so people whom did Boston for a charity this year. They got the same satisfaction of it, you did the race, you did it with a number, you accomplished the hard course, you got the medal… There is no extra glory from a time qualified person and a charity runner…you ran the same race, you got the same medal, you accomplished 26.2 miles.I totally agree the fact of how hard it is to accomplish, I mean at age 50, I would have to run a 3:30 to get in…it’s tough, but there are other ways to get around it and do Boston as I recommend any marathon to try to qualify or run for a charity…because it’s a good cause and you can say that you had done it.

  6. Oh…and one more thing…NEVER SAY NEVER!Dreams can come true…work at it…be one with it…and it will come!

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