who was the wiseguy behind this one

I had mentioned this one before…anyway, I had taken this picture about 3 weeks ago…at what is supposed to be the corner of west 76th and CPW…

east 74th and cpw?

Guess some eastsider was looking to start trouble πŸ™‚ Anyway, looks like the westsiders would have none of that, since the street sign is now back to normal…

Did 10 miles in Central Park today, where it was, of course, ridiculously crowded…mostly due to the nice weather, and the east side was a total zoo due to the pope’s NYC visit…helicopters in the sky, police all over the place…madness. I’m sorta relieved to be skipping town for the remainder of the weekend…

…oh yeah, seeing la familia for Passover. Let the squawk-fest begin. As well as a week of matzah. Can’t wait. Happy Passover to everyone else celebrating!!


2 thoughts on “who was the wiseguy behind this one

  1. I got to watch Boston today and saw at least five Flyers… made a point of screaming for them as loud as I could, since I assumed they’re friends of yours πŸ™‚ Hope you had a happy Passover!

  2. very cool!! we definitely had a big contingent and I am sure they appreciated the cheering πŸ™‚

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