136 dollars later…

yeah. 🙂

goal for now-get under 4 hours again so I can prove that 2006 was not a fluke-then take it from there…

on the topic of NYCM, I have been having some strange NYCM-related dreams the last couple of weeks. Not about the race itself-but more before the race. And in each one, I have some kind of issue before the race…I’m not wearing the shorts/singlet/whatever else i’m supposed to be wearing and i don’t have time to go home and change, i don’t have my gels and need to bum them off others or look to see where i can buy them at the last minute, i’m not going to make it to the bus to Staten Island in time, and it’s 9 AM…strange, huh? wonder what meaning these all have, if any at all…

As for the cost-while I agree that it is ridiculous how steeply the price keeps rising each year (to put into perspective…cost in 2005 was $77 , 2006 was $89, 2007 was $100)-I guess its the “home field advantage” that keeps me coming back…any other cheaper marathon, would still have to pony up travel-related expenses….so it’d most likely be a wash. But I still fear what the 2009 fee will be…


One thought on “136 dollars later…

  1. That is a little dear… but NYCM is a lot of fun.

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