run. recover. repeat.

I’ve finally made it back to doing speedwork, and boy…I’ve forgotten how tough it was-especially those killer tempo workouts!! This week was the second time doing it this year…and I was definitely satisfied-special thanks to my great pacing partner and her Garmin 😉

Interval length Time Pace
0.51 mile 3:37 7:06
0.65 mile 4:43 7:16
0.42 mile 3:00 7:09
0.29 mile 2:00 6:54
0.28 mile 2:00 7:09
0.29 mile 2:00 6:54

Considering I hadn’t hit these types of times in awhile, I was definitely excited to see, and feeling like my old self again. And glad me and my great pacing partner held our own when it came to recovery…we were the only ones in our group that were doing recoveries at a true recovery pace-hey, the intervals are the time to push hard…not the recoveries!!

Damn, maybe I should take every January off and cross-train (sans injury in the future though!!)

We’ll see how this all plays out at another 4-miler…and hit up Philly next!! (I officially registered!)

And looking further down the line…I do intend to become $136 poorer sometime this month (I’ll save rants on that for another time!)

5 thoughts on “run. recover. repeat.

  1. hey, nice work. where do you do this, central park?good luck in next weekend’s 4-miler. i’ll be doing the brooklyn biathlon that day if i can pull myself out of bed at 4:30! are you doing the 4-miler on 4/20?

  2. thanks!! Yep, for the most part, speedwork is done in Central Park…with an occasional occurance outside the park (e.g., e6th st track, hill on 91st bet. 2nd/3rd)good luck next weekend…don’t know which to wish u more luck on-the race or the wake-up time!!I’m skipping the 4/20 race-even though it’s my “anniversary race” (back when Niketown sponsored it!) its just gotten way too crowded to be enjoyable. And since that is gonna be the first race w/ seeded corrals, figure I’d let others be the guinea pigs and let them report back 🙂

  3. Nice work:) Boy, what a great pacer you had!And yay for Broad Street!

  4. $136 poorer? Great news! Great, that is, that you are planning for the big run!I’ve spent the $136 as well. Whether I actually show is another question…

  5. Oh yeah–nyc 2008! We might have to bring our own blankets this year for the pre-race, um, activities…

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