decisions, decisions

well, the latest switcharoo on the NYRR calendar has, I’m sure, left plenty of racing plans in flux, mine included…

This past week or so, there was a little controversy with the Brooklyn Half-was originally scheduled for April 26th, then there was an announcement saying it was getting moved, then said announcement went away, finally this week there was an announcement saying it was getting pushed back a week to May 3rd. Supposedly the reason being that it would not have been kosher-no pun intended-to have an event on Ocean Parkway during the end of Passover. (between this, and the scheduling of the Queens Half last year…does NYRR ever look to see when the major Jewish holidays are???)

So now the rescheduled Brooklyn Half falls the day before the Broad Street Run. Part of me wants to continue with my original plan-being that my long run is up to 9.3 miles, I think I will be more than comfortable with the 10-mile distance by that time.

However-Brooklyn is remaining as a club points race, so I think the pressure would be on for me to do that one, even as a training run. And if there were any teammates that were thinking of doing Broad Street (we do get a few Flyers doing it each year), more than likely they’ll probably do Brooklyn instead. Also, as you all know…I do sorta have a score to settle with the Brooklyn course.

I figure I have a week to decide, before the prices go up…


2 thoughts on “decisions, decisions

  1. Word on the street is that the Brooklyn course has been talking trash about you. There is no way you are going to shut Brooklyn up by running some Broad Street whatever in Hicksville Pennsylvania. If you want to keep your street cred intact, you need to go out there and kick some Brooklyn butt.

  2. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog and giving me a preview of what’s to be expected in san francisco. Sounds like you had a fantastic run there which makes me feel like it could be a fun run for me too.Oh BTW, I’ve decided to join NY Flyeres…will be doing the group run on Sat, so hopefully will be bumping into you soon. Take care!Oh, and I totally agree. You should definitely represent and tear down Brooklyn!

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