like a fly you can’t swat

So as Purim is this week, this of course means a plethora of Jewish singles events. NC and I decided to go to one that was put on by the same group that put on the second event we went to here. We were both prepared for there to be lots of men doing lots of groping :-p

When we got inside, we both noted that the crowd seemed a little more tame than the previous event. Good, there may be hope. But of course, we can’t go to any of these events without seeing someone we knew, or met once!! One being the guy from the previous event that remembered my LV bag. And another…well this guy took my number at the previous event but never called (I was indifferent to that though)-and apparently he went out with NC once but pretended not to recognize her. And this time he was pretending to not recognize either of us. But man…the entire night, no matter where we were in the bar, he was nearby. As I said to NC “he’s like a fly you just can’t swat.”
me and NC pose for a pic...note the tiara on yours truly
No male prospects, unfortunately…but the music was good for dancing-thankfully no groping males! (Oh but there was the one who asked us if we had kissed any guys yet that night…oh jeez 😉 )Oh, and the party was costume optional…didn’t feel like going all-out in costume, but thought it’d be fun to wear a tiara…nothing wrong with being a queen for a day (or night!) But the funny thing was that someone on the subway earlier in the evening, and one later too…thought it was my birthday or something because I had the tiara. Hey-doesn’t have to be my birthday to channel my inner princess… :-p


One thought on “like a fly you can’t swat

  1. Yowza! You two look fabulous!

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