yeah, i think those 2 boroughs are one and the same too

i couldn’t resist.

hmmm…maybe that’s why Queens is currently missing from the August calendar…they are planning a dual-borough extravaganza to just nip those last 2 boroughs in the bud. The day after a 20-mile Long Training Run, no less!! I’m sure lots of people will be quite sore that Monday…teehee :-p

3 thoughts on “yeah, i think those 2 boroughs are one and the same too

  1. They must have read your blog from last year and must have really loved your responses to the changes of the Queens Half. Not only will you do it once Lara…You get to do it another time…Since Queens “was your most favorite Borough Half”…hahaa…if you won’t like it once, you won’t like it the second time…so their giving you not only one chance, but two!I couldn’t resist either!

  2. Thanks for the laugh!! NYRR–it’s like they always have to leave their mark… be it misplaced mile markers, typos, misprints, incorrect finish times, miscommunication of schedule changes, wrong burrough, etc.

  3. trakmaniak-you crazy.r26-NYRR oughta hire me to do QA for them…you don’t know how much stuff i’ve caught on the flyers site (and a certain webmaster is quite appreciative of that!)

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