new school meets old school

So, Thursday evening was a “new members social” for the Flyers. The hope was that having an event specially designed to reach out to new members would lead to a great turnout…well it worked, the bar was packed with Flyers…new-school and old-school!! I was already in a good mood-as it was bonus payout day!-and was happy to chat with a bunch of the new peeps-seems like we got a bunch of good people that will hopefully be active this year!! This was a good idea that will hopefully be repeated at other times this year…

Kinda brought back memories of my “new member experience.” Was about 4 years ago, I had only run a couple of NYRR races, thought about joining a club to meet more runners…saw the Flyer logo a lot at the races…finally, did one of their “new member” 4-mile runs and had my application in that same day!! But what I really think did it for me was the fact that probably an hour after I had my application sent, I was contacted by the same member who led the run, welcoming me, inviting me to run with several other teammates…sometimes, a personal touch makes a difference. But honestly, I threw myself in to everything from the beginning…group runs, races, happy hours, volunteering, the members were very receptive to that…and the rest is history ๐Ÿ™‚

On the topic of running, hit over 20 mpw for the first time since the injury (21 to be exact), and Saturday’s run was my longest in awhile at 8.5 miles. But made sure I kept up the XT-yoga 3 times and 1 spin class and some upper body work and made sure some of that mileage was on softer surfaces. I think for now, I’m content to stay around 20 mpw (give or take) and keeping up the XT. Still have my eye on Broad Street-haven’t signed up yet…got 7 weeks to get comfortable with running 10 miles-I think I can do it…

Other randomly scattered thoughts…

Keep going back and forth with deciding whether or not to pay for JDate again (so I can send and receive messages)…do I or don’t I? My luck has been mixed before, would this time be any different…?

Review time this week. Its gonna be interesting, to say the least.

And these 2 pictures surfaced from last weekend’s race…I swear, if Brightroom had not gotten a single picture of me from this one-where it wasn’t *that* crowded-this would have been a new level of uselessness for them. I still like the pics that the Flyer photogs take better though ๐Ÿ™‚

is this over yet? they just had to get me stopping my watch.


6 thoughts on “new school meets old school

  1. Yes–the social was fun! I think you’re in a great place re: your comeback. You’re doing all the right things! Perhaps I’ll consider Broad street as well…gotta check with the powers that be, and of course my schedule ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Why not try to a different site other than Jdate? Most everything else is cheaper than that site, and if you’re particularly interested in a Jewish guy you can spell that out on or Nerve. I think it’s always good to mix it up a little.

  3. runner26-now the brooklyn half is the day before broad street!! decisions, decisions…still think i may not be up to a half yet. we’ll see.derek-oh believe me i have…meh.

  4. I MISS THE FLYERS!!!!!!!!!F**K online dating!!!

  5. then come back to NYC!!!!(at least for a visit :-p )

  6. I will, but probably not until this summer.

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